An Easy Guide On How To Clean a Makeup Sponge

How To Clean a Makeup Sponge

While we care about perfect and flawless makeup, the most important thing is ignored by us. What is it? YOUR MAKEUP SPONGE. This is the tool to apply makeup on your delicate skin but also a shelter to bacteria and microbial growth which results in breakout, open pores, inflammation and itchiness. To avoid these problems, you should wash your makeup sponge often. We will discuss everything from beauty to skincare.

This is an easy step-by-step guide on how to clean a Makeup Sponge or Beauty Blender.

Makeup Applicators

With the launch of new makeup products, we see the variety of makeup applicators in the market. You can find brushes of different sizes, makeup sponges, beauty blenders, spray makeup devices and so on. All of them have one purpose: To apply makeup products on your skin. Even though you can apply makeup with your fingers too, these applicators speed up the process. Nowadays Makeup Sponges or Beauty Blenders are the most demanded applicators and makeup companies make sure to manufacture the best range.

While we are so immersed in getting a perfect makeup product, cleaning these products is necessary for your skin. Never buy expired or used products and clean your makeup applicators often.

Easy Steps on how to clean a Makeup Sponge or Beauty Blender

Now we are here to guide you on how to clean a Makeup Sponge or Beauty Blender. This is a basic method to clean your makeup applicators. Read and follow these steps to see the results:

  1. The first step is to gather your makeup sponges or beauty blenders and brushes even those which are used just once.
  2. Wet all makeup applicators in warm water. You can use Baking soda, dish liquid soap, apple cider vinegar, soap or cleanser to clean your makeup applicators.
  3. Either use a bowl or any container with enough space to move your hands freely while rubbing the sponge. You can also put your makeup sponge in the washing machine but it’s better to clean it with your hands.
  4. If it’s messy for you, wear plastic or rubber gloves to wash it.
  5. Now use both hands to rub and squeeze the makeup sponge or brush with any cleaning agent you have opted until it starts to make foam.
  6. You can try it twice if you are not satisfied with one wash. Now clean it with warm water and squeeze to see clean water droplets. Wash and squeeze till you see clean water coming out of it.
  7. Keep all your makeup applicators under the sun to dry them completely. Make sure there’s no moisture left. Squeeze from time to time to check if it’s completely dry or not. It may take some hours.

How To Clean a Makeup Sponge

Few More Methods

There are various methods to how to clean a Makeup Sponge or brush, all you have to do is start with the rules mentioned above:

Method 1: Rub With Fingertips

This method is easy but takes more time in comparison to other cleaning methods. Use lukewarm water to clean it. Mix soap or any mild cleaning agent and leave your sponge there for 30 minutes, now gently rub your sponge with fingertips. Repeat the process.

Method 2: Oil Cleansing

Take a mild oil cleanser to clean your makeup sponge. If your skin is sensitive, soapy fumes can be harmful to your skin when you use the sponge cleaned with soap. You can use coconut oil to clean your sponge gently with hands and lukewarm water till the residue comes off.

Method 3: Textured Surface Cleaning

In this method, you need to rub the makeup sponge against the textured surface with a raised design. Slowly rub your sponges in a circular motion and clean it with warm water. You have to repeat the process till the water which comes while squeezing it becomes clear.

Method 4: Clean Under Microwave

The heat of the microwave is enough to clean your makeup sponge in no time. Best thing is it also kills bacterial growth due to high temperatures. Take a microwave bowl or glass and put liquid soap in it. Wet the sponge and put it in the container. Now set your microwave for 60 seconds and light heat. The residue will come off in no time. Squeeze the sponge and again clean it in cold water. Let it dry completely.

Use any of the methods with the steps and clean your makeup sponge or brush with ease. Do not rush to clean it otherwise it might tear apart. If your make-up applicators have already passed more than three months, it’s time to change it. Never put your wet sponge in the box but let it dry in a separate container. After cleaning it, let it dry under the sun or in the open air.

How To Clean a Makeup Sponge

Now your makeup sponge or beauty blender is ready to get used again rather than spending money on buying a new one. Make sure to wash all your makeup applicators twice a week and prevent bacterial growth to avoid skin problems. And try to buy skin friendly makeup products which have less harmful chemicals. Skincare is a priority to get flawless skin. Do not wear excessive makeup and try to find confidence in wearing minimal makeup.

Schedule your skincare routine too.