Essays for Sale: Is It Legit to Buy Papers Online?

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As a student, you may wonder whether it is safe & legal to buy or use online essays for sale? Well, to answer this puzzling dilemma, in this article I dug deeper into the matter to provide you with all the answers. At the end of the article, you will be in a perfect position to determine if it is legit to buy online essays and papers for sale.

Essays for Sale; How Safe and Legit Are They?

The Facts

They are, and they aren’t, because the story can be viewed from both sides, more so, because some essay and papers writing services are not the most trustworthy enterprises in academic-related work.

With many custom writing services you can opt to choose from, e.g. CustomWritings, – it becomes hard to settle for the best and legit one. At times, in order to get the most reliable and safe academic writing service, you may have to dig deeper. This is where you get high-quality essays for sale customized to your own writing needs.

Avoid the temptation to go with the first writing service you lay your eyes on and avoid any writing service that promises cheap fees. You also need to pay attention to the following before you go with a certain writing service;

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Writing Service

They must and have to meet most of the following checks;

  • Conduct thorough research during the initial writing stage
  • Maintain open communication between them and the client.
  • They have to proofread and edit the work after it’s complete.
  • Write the best grammatically and correctly structured essays and papers.
  • Ensure that the papers and essays have the proper formatting and citation style.
  • Only writes plagiarism-free content.
  • Offers perfect clientele-service and support,
  • Creates a contract with the client.
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If the firm meets all or most of these points, then it can be considered as a legal and legitimate, and safe writing entity to go to. Although, you may need to consider other stuff, because such checks provide clients with some peace of mind. Your investment will be worth your time and money.

Is It Legit to Use a Writing Service?

In most cases, yes, it is. In some states, it may be illegitimate and even in the states’ code of ethics and policies. Writing services are sought not only by students but also by other clientele, for instance, professionals, executives, and academics, just to mention a few.

Individuals hire these firms and pay them to do their work, once the work is complete, the rights of the essay papers are surrendered to the customer who paid for it. In academics, it is not illegal, as many colleges and universities allow students to seek writing services help. The student’s papers can be researched, edited, and proofread on their behalf by these firms.

Seeking writing services can be equated to paying a private tutor to help you hone your learning skills. In the business world, professionals seek third-party service providers to help them at all times. So there is nothing wrong with writing services helping students.

The practice can only be considered unsafe and illegal if at a point it crosses the laid down policies and some offenses are committed to harm the clients. For instance, scamming clients or misrepresenting themselves to the public. 

Reasons why Essay why essay writing services are legal

The following reasons support the claim that essay writing companies are legal;

  • Credible ones have terms of services clearly stated on their sites.
  • Trustworthy ones meet the demand of their customers.
  • The ownership of the content is transferred to the owner after completion.
  • Work according to the state laws of the areas they operate in.
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Countries Where Writing Services Are Legal

Major countries like the USA and England have allowed the practice of writing services. Even though in the United Kingdom the services are faced by a lot of opposition and many institutions continue to seek its ban, there is no law enacted to bar the practice yet.

In a few words, as long as the writing services industry works within and it is consistent with the state’s jurisdiction, then it is legal.

The Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Is it legal to hire a writing service? No, it isn’t, but it only becomes illegal when you give out your ordered paper as your work. Writing services have to put a disclaimer to discourage all this always.
  2. Are writing services firms illegal? Writing essays for others isn’t illegal, thus, the same applies to establishing a paper’s writing service. Because the firms write customized essays or similar academic works at a fee that is absolutely within the law.

What People Think About Writing Services

The Myths

Most people have some myths about writing services for essays and papers; however, it is not the reality.

  • They facilitate cheating by students; far from it, essay writing services only supplement the research efforts of their end-clientele by providing pointers to what the students should focus on learning the subjects.
  • Interfere with academic ethics; by watering down the same ethics, however, in reality, these services have strict conditions for their customers to uphold academic honesty and originality.
  • Allow students to be lazy, but they can’t substitute the hard work students put to study their coursework. They only help on the tiny bit and leave the bulk of study work to the clients.

Thus, we can conclude that essay writing services can only be considered legit if they are registered and work in accordance with the state’s laws. More importantly, they are legit since as part of the learning they are more tools that help students and other clients improve their overall academic results and achievement.

Although some are not honest and defame the whole fraternity by scamming clients and providing poor results, it is important to verify each entity before hiring them.

Only settle for essay and paper writing services firms with a good track record.