Timeless & Versatile Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

Men's Capsule Wardrobe

Simplicity and Sustainability are the qualities of Men Fashion which never go out of style. It is not about shimmery outfits but something which will last long in matter of trend as well as material. Men’s Capsule Wardrobe should be Timeless and we will discuss it in detail.

Never go out of Style

Anything that gets out of style gets ignored by everyone and eventually, it loses its value. Nowadays things trend for a limited time and then it loses its charm after a certain amount of time. So how to deal with it? You cannot spend your money every day on styling your wardrobe according to trends. The only thing you can do is rotate your outfits and find the most versatile way to wear them repeatedly without getting noticed by anyone.

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe should be timeless, basic and memorable.

Perfect way to organize your wardrobe

There is not one but many ways to wear a one set of outfits. All you need to do is try out the colours, fabric, design and style of your outfit. It should be versatile. Men’s Capsule Wardrobe may look simple but has a long lasting impression on people. Your wardrobe could consist of regular outfits to event-specific outfits. You can make a perfect wardrobe with just limited clothes as mentioned below :

Men's Capsule Wardrobe

1. Leathers

The black leather jacket is the most timeless outfit, you would find it from the old era to recent trends. Leather belts and shoes go with any kind of style. Leathers are suitable with any fabric, style or colours. Try Denim Jeans, white t-shirt, and a leather jacket together.

2. Denims

Denims are evergreen as you can find not just Jeans but a variety of outfits in them. Denim overalls fit with any outfit. It will never go out of style. Denim jackets and shirts too are available in the market. You can easily experiment with many different outfits with only one denim  jeans and jacket. Buy a pair of Black and White T shirt and white shoes. Now your denim set is ready.

3. Shirts 

While it has an image of formal wear, you can also try shirts with other styles. Wear a pair of denim jeans, dark colour T shirt and then a light coloured shirt to create a contrast of your outfits. Now put on brown or black shoes to complete the look.

4. Accessories 

The Men’s capsule wardrobe requires simple yet classy accessories like wrist watch, minimal rings, and mufflers during winter with sweater and cap. You can also wear a Smartwatch, it matches perfectly with the leather look. Nowadays, Airpods or headphones have become a part of accessories.  Always go for Black or White electronic items as they match with any kind of outfits.

5. Bags

Bags are the most ignored yet most important part of our wardrobe. What kind of outfits you are going to wear should have a suitable bag too. While two shoulder bags are perfect with your casual outfits for college or fun look, your formal outfit for office should have a leather handbag. A tourist bag is good for a trip with friends.

6. Shoes 

Sneakers, White shoes and Chelsea boots are suitable for styles from casual to formal. This is the most timeless range of footwear for men to experiment with a variety of outfits.

Men's Capsule Wardrobe

Men’s Outfit Combinations

Men’s Capsule Wardrobe should be versatile as well as affordable, here are combinations of outfits which can be rotated in different styles.

  1. Casual look: White plain T-shirt + Denim jeans + Black Leather Jacket + White Shoes + Smart watch + Minimal silver ring + Two shoulder bag.
  2. Summer & Spring look: Light colour plaid shirt unbuttoned + Dark coloured T-shirt + White sneakers + Airpods + One shoulders long strap bag.
  3. Winter look: White plain shirt + Brown or blue colour full sweater + Collars should be visible over sweater + Leather shoes + one strap bag + golden or bronze wristwatch.
  4. Full denim look: Denim jeans + Denim jacket + Denim sneakers + Simple black or white T-shirt + Airpods + Smart watch.
  5. Autumn look: Muffler + Sweatshirt or Sweater + Long coat + Trousers dark shade + Chelsea boots + Silver wrist watch + Beanie.
  6. Cloudy-Rainy season look: Hood + Pair of jeans + Chelsea boots + Cap + Bucket cap.

Men's Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion Tips

Do not waste your valuable money on trendy outfits. Try to know your body type and style and then find the clothing which suits you perfectly. You can find tutorials on men’s fashion and learn to organize your wardrobe. While spending your money on big brands, go for the quality of the materials used in it. Never ignore the type of fabric. Try to find leathers as mentioned above to go with any type of outfits. Black and White are timeless colours, you can make thousands of combinations with these contrasting colours. FOMO is real, but do not get tempted by it. Believe in your style and body.