Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride at Mojoland After Amrik Sukhdev (Murthal)

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride at Mojoland After Amrik Sukhdev (Murthal)

Murthal is now offering more than delicious parathas. It has now become more than a favorite eating destination for the people. Mojoland (adventure park) is just 15 mins away from Amrik Sukhdev. After eating your favorite paratha, lassi, or tea from Amrik Sukhdev head towards the Mojoland if you want to enjoy hot air balloon near delhi. 

Mojo Land
Amrik Sukhdev to Mojoland Direction

Mojoland is a perfect adventure park for the adrenaline junkies. If you have come to eat famous Amrik Sukhdev parathas then we would suggest you head towards Adventure island to enjoy a water park and hot air balloon located just 15 mins away after eating lick smacking parathas. If you are with your partner then taking Mojoland hot air balloon Ride for just Rs.850 is not a bad deal. 

Mojoland is located in Murthal, Haryana that offers several adventure activities such as Sky Cycling, Bungee Jumping, Scream Tower, Rocket Ejectors, Crazy Fire Ball, Sky High Safari, ATVs, Ziplines, Water Slides, and a bunch of other outdoor activities. Mojoland has added a hot air balloon romantic ride that makes it the top place to visit for all the people. Murthal hot air balloon will cost you Rs.850 (Note: This is the price at the time of writing this article viz 10th November 2020) which lasts for 5 mins but that is enough to view the panoramic view of the city. The cost for couples will be Rs.850 and for the singles, it will cost Rs.600. 

Mojoland is a perfect destination for Couples (Hot air balloon rides), families (Amusement park), Adrenaline junkies (Adventure park).

Official Website: Mojoland.in