Autoimmune Diet and Other Treatment Options to Consider

Autoimmune Diet to Consider

As Hippocrates said over 2400 years ago, let food by thy medicine. When it comes to autoimmune diseases, this couldn’t be better advice. If you have an autoimmune disease, following an autoimmune diet could help relieve symptoms and help you feel your best. So what’s the best autoimmune diet to consider for autoimmune disease? It varies depending on the disease, but here’s a good place to start.

Figure Out How Food Affects You

To relieve autoimmune symptoms through your diet, you have to figure out what foods trigger unwanted symptoms.

The best way to do that is by following an elimination diet. The most common culprits include eggs, coffee, alcohol, dairy, sugar, nightshades, legumes, and grains.

Start by noting which foods may already bother you, do your research and decide which foods you want to cut out. Follow your new diet strictly for a few weeks and see if you start to feel better.

What Can I Eat?

Even if it feels like there’s nothing left you can eat, there is a big beautiful world of healthy food out there for you to enjoy.

Fill your plate with vegetables, high-quality fish, healthy oils, and fermented food like kombucha and kimchi. Put together dishes like healthy vegetable roasts, lemon salmon, or seasonal salads.

After you’ve spent a few weeks on your elimination diet, you can slowly incorporate other foods back in. See how they affect your body and your autoimmune disease.

You’ll likely find out that you feel better when you cut out trigger foods. Suddenly indulging in a sugary treat or a juicy steak isn’t worth the toll it takes on your body anymore, and following a healthy diet becomes first nature.

Will This Work?

Unfortunately, autoimmune diseases are nuanced and varying. There’s not a lot of research on how diet affects these diseases. But we do have a lot of research on what creates a healthy diet.

In that sense, if you’re not already following a healthy diet, switching to an autoimmune diet will help you improve your health. It’s not an easy switch to make, but it pays off for your long-term health.

Consider Other Solutions for Your Specific Autoimmune Needs

While following a healing diet may help many who suffer from autoimmune disease, every disease is different. So you may want to consider other solutions to supplement a healthy diet.

For example, people with alopecia might be able to regrow hair with the experimental ru58841 solution. Those with RA may want to supplement with collagen. The list is endless.

So fill your body with healthy foods, and find the supplements that best help you feel your best.

An Autoimmune Diet Can Help You Keep Symptoms at Bay

It can be hard for those who suffer from autoimmune disease to feel safe in your own body. But an autoimmune diet can ease symptoms and give you strength.

Cut sugars and processed foods and focused on fresh whole foods that fight inflammation and support your body. You’re well on your way to a healthier you.

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