How To Wear The One Shoulder Dress Style

How To Wear The One Shoulder Dress Style
How To Wear The One Shoulder Dress Style

The Hide N’ Sleek asymmetrical dress that shows one shoulder off and covers the other is perfect for day and night events where the code spells “Look classy and Sexy”. With so many celebrities currently sporting the style, we got some style tips on how they pulled off their balanced and chic looks and how you can kill the look in your one shoulder dress.

Who Should A Wear One Shoulder Dress?

While Bardot or off-the-shoulder dresses are most flattering on people with small to medium busts, narrow shoulders, and petite, pear, athletic, and hourglass body shapes. One shoulder dresses are perfect for curvy women, people who have heavier bottoms, and/or broad shoulders.

The one-shoulder dress focuses attention on the neck and shoulder area, giving little or no room for attention to the lower body. The neckline of the dress is a style trick for making broad shoulders appear less prominent. That they are perfect for some people does not mean they can’t be worn by other body shapes. Here is a detailed guide on how to wear the one shoulder dress for all body types.

Different Ways to Wear One-Shoulder Dresses

Casual Style

For a casual look on a one shoulder dress, opt for fun prints, and patterns such as polka dots, checkers, and florals. They can be worn in all seasons from summer to spring to look a lot feminine and feel comfortable.

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Formal Events

Prepping for a wedding, cocktail, or formal event, a one shoulder dress is simply chic and elegant to wear. A well-tailored or fitted one-shoulder dress that ends right on the knee or below is a great choice. To step up the flare of your formal looks at an evening dinner, go for an ankle-length dress with a slit on one side. You can have the covered shoulder with a long sleeve, but if it’s summer a sleeveless style would serve.

Party Vibes

One shoulder party dresses in vogue are shiny sequins and sparkly metallic outfits. Most of these styles are mini-length with a cute thigh slit. Shine-bright one shoulder dresses allow you to embrace the party vibes while giving rook for comfort.

How Should You Wear Your Hair With A One Strap Dress?

Having versatility in your wardrobe staples naturally leads to versatile options for your hairstyles. To distinguish formal wear from party wear, your hairstyle needs to comment on the statement look.

For a graduation ceremony or prom, a high textured ponytail or tight twist will give you an elegant and sophisticated look while fully defining the smiles on your face. High and tight topknot, classic chignon, simple tuck, or a low elegant bun looks flattering when attending a formal event as the style can make the neck appear elongated and sleek. Low straight hair, side-swept ponytail, or low ponytail, fits the mood at annual holiday celebrations. Long loose waves are more like the party style. If you want to let loose your sweeter side, go for a soft messy bun.

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Not sure what hairstyle to wear with your one shoulder dress, go for a simple updo. It’s the one-size-fits-all hairstyle for rocking your dress effortlessly. If you like to keep your hair down, then you should sweep the hair to one side of the shoulder, leaving the exposed shoulder open.

Choosing Accessories For A One Shoulder Dress

Selecting the right kind of jewelry pieces to wear with your one shoulder outfits can sometimes be confusing because different events demand different looks. Care for some ideas to make this less of a task? We’ve got them below.

Matching earrings with your hairstyle can help keep things in balance with your dress. Ponytails and hairstyles gives your face a level of drama and blend with chandelier earrings. Wearing curls, tucks, or hairstyles where few strands of your hair fall loose, go for tassels or geometric earrings. Tight knots and buns should be worn with studs or pearls

The necklace to be paired should not take much of the shine from the dress, however, you can choose to keep it subtle with choker-style necklaces. Though it’s best to leave your neck bare since the neckline of the dress plays an illusionary role as the neck jewelry. Don’t go too crazy on rings, bracelets, and hair accessories when wearing one shoulder dresses. Keep it dainty and minimal.

Closing Notes

With the right dress, hairstyle, and accessories, you’re just about ready to flaunt your statement look. But just before you leave, look again in the mirror to make sure everything fits properly. No frumpy edges on your dress and no visible underwear lines and straps. You’d definitely stall everyone with your gorgeous dress.