12 Epic Things To Do in Saint George Utah

things to do in saint george utah
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Are you looking for recommendations for epic things to do in Saint George Utah? Here we will make the task easy for you by listing the 12 recommendations. All these recommendations have good places to explore, camp, and hike in some amazing places, such as Zion National Park, Pioneer Park, and Snow Canyon State Park. You can also explore the history of dinosaurs and pioneer artifacts in places such as Bloomington Petroglyph Park and the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum.

Apart from that, you can have an experience with deserted plants and flowers and a place to watch musical concerts and shows, such as Red Hills Desert Garden and Tuacahn Amphitheater. There is no limit to visiting places and doing fun things in Saint George Utah. Exploring each of them one by one looks pretty hectic, so we made 12 epic recommendations to take your breath away. You can check all of them and decide which place you find more suitable for you and your family.

12 Epic Things to do in Saint George Utah, At Least Once

Pioneer Park

Central Business District from Saint George is heaven for hikers because one of the best hiking places, Pioneer Park, is located here. You can have fun climbing the rocks of this paradise and get a glimpse of places such as Zion National Park, located nearby Pioneer Park.

If you are afraid of the hikes and don’t want to go on difficult ones,, then you should try Pioneer Park because it is quite easy. Not only that, but it also gives you a safe and beautiful picnic site to enjoy your weekend with your family.

When you are at Pioneer Park and check scout cave and pioneer cabins, you will not regret it. Scout cave and pioneer cabins are among the best historical places to explore with friends and family. If you are new here, try to go with a narrow crack located between 2 rocks. It is best for small people or kids because you can cross through that easily. After crossing these rocks, you will see a landmark surrounding by Red Rocks. One of the amazing facts about these rocks is that they have a Dixie sign which is painted white colour. 

Another epic thing to check is Red Rock Cliffs. Make your path by crossing red cliff walls, then reach the deserted areas where tons of slot canyons are available. The area of this amazing site is 52 acres, filled with prehistoric and ghoulish art. If your children love prehistoric places, then this is the perfect place to visit.

pioneer park saint george utah
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There is no doubt that Pioneer Park is a perfect place to enjoy your day with family and friends and do some fun activities such as barbecues. So, you can count Pioneer Park as one of the epic things to do in Saint George Utah. 

Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum

If you are confused about what the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum is, then let us tell you, the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum is also called The McQuarrie Memorial. It was a place to store documents before Utah came to settle here.

Now the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum is located in Saint George Utah. The organization began in 1901 by Annie Taylor Hyde. In April 1901, a group of women was by her. Then Anne invented the organization with them and named it the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Organization. This organization was to tribute those who crossed 2000+ miles west to search the Salt Lake Valley.

So, it is a good place to check all the preserved artifacts, especially if you want to know its ancestors’ history. This is not the only thing you see there; you will also feel how time was during the 1900s and what life there was for pioneers. 

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Moreover, you will find all kinds of artifacts, equipment, clothing, and many more things to see. So this is why The McQuarrie Memorial museum is counted as one of the epic things to do in saint george utah.

Saint George Historic Downtown

Do you know that Midtown Street is known as a place to tell about the history of Saint George city? Midtown Street reveals the untold story of Saint George city. It is full of history, works of arts and crafts, and so on. If you are curious about how the lifestyle was during prehistoric times, then this place is perfect for you. To find its history, you need to dry run the historic downtown, which is full of old buildings representing how pioneer life was.

If you are new here, you can have a tour guide who will guide you and tell you everything about Saint George Historic Downtown. They will also cover all kinds of works of art by pioneers, crafts from prehistoric people, untold history of the place and people and food items which are popular from old times.

Apart from that, you should also check how local markets and restaurants were during that time and how they celebrate their historical culture. But remember that you can visit here from May to October only. So if you are planning to include this place on the visiting list, then don’t forget to note down the opening and closing month.

saint george historic downtown
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Now, the next epic thing to try here is Park Square. It is famous for its fountains and open grassland. If you want to take your kids to a better place for fun, then try this place because kids like fountain parks.

Zion National Park

If you want to try a national forest, then Zion National Park is one of the best choices for you. It is filled with red cliffs where tons of Zion Canyon are available. Zion National Park is widely spread around 230 miles and has amazing site views. If you are into exploration, then you can count it as one of the epic things to do in saint george utah.

The red cliffs of Zion National Park are not easy to try and take so much effort. But you can try the 13 miles Angel’s Landing Trail, which covers around 3000 footsteps to cross Narrows. This way, you can reach Zion’s cliffs and take a look at nearby beautiful areas.

So if you are a hiker and want to feel adventure, then try the Stairs Canyon Trail too, because it is known as the state’s most iconic hike for hikers.

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Apart from that, you can go trekking and camping as well in Zion National Park. It is because of the amazing views and unique colours of sandstones that attract visitors’ attention.

Red Hills Desert Garden

If you are into some tricky, antic, unique, exciting plus dangerous, and epic things to do in Saint George Utah then you must try Red Hills Desert Garden. It is full of unique types of flowers and plants which are more than 5000 in number so it is a good place for tourists. This is not only full of flowers and plants but also a place for fish. Another best part about Red Hills Desert Garden is it is counted as one of the primary conservative gardens which are located in the desert landscape.

red hills desert garden saint george utah
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If you are more into prehistoric things, then follow the boulders and look at the dinosaur tracks closely. They are more than 200 million years old, which is kind of amazing to still exist. Besides, you can also check some dangerous plants and flowers which you have never seen before.

Bloomington Petroglyph Park

Whenever you feel like you want to see some petroglyphs, you must try Bloomington Petroglyph Park. It is famous for its beautiful and unique petroglyphs, which are good to explore. Besides that, you can explore some culture and historical heritage which was discovered by archeologists.

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Bloomington Petroglyph Park has covered around 5 acres in size with large rocks and an old-time-based park. One of the amazing facts about these large rocks is that the Anasazi people carved these rocks to tell us how their life was. And the stories we see on stones are beautifully crafted.

Contact Climbing Gym

Are you the one who doesn’t like to go on outdoor climbing and looking for an indoor climbing gym? Then, you should check Contact Climbing Gym because it is famous for its health-related fun activities and also for indoor climbing.

Contact Climbing Gym is more than 50 feet tall, which is good for climbing. Also, there is a special section for boulder lovers. Apart from that, you can do yoga and exercise in yoga classes and the gym. So, it is a complete package for exhausting your body with some fun activities. These fun activities make Contact Climbing Gym one of the epic things to do in saint george utah.

contact climbing gym saint george utah
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If you want to know how much the cost of a day pass is. It is $20-25 for adults and $13-15 for children under 3 to 12 years. So, it is a pocket-friendly place and best for those who like to do some fun and awesome activities to sweat out.

Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum

Are you a fan of Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible and want to see what sky aviation looks like? Then you should go to Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum because it is one of the best places in Saint George’s.

This place is filled with fighter jets from different countries which is to show us how great they fought in the battle. Besides that, they also tell us the history of fighter jets we are not aware of and how bravely they stood against the enemy’s fighter jets till the end of the battle.

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If you are looking for a museum where you can see some wartime scenery, too, then Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum is a good place to check. It has aircraft as well as wartime scenery too to meet with the real history.

Palledin Balloon Excursions

When you plan to come to saint george utah, and want to do some crazy things, then Palledin Balloon Excursions is an epic place for you. This gives visitors some memorable experience through aerial views and helps them to learn about how beautiful Utah looks from high altitude.

Moreover, it is a dream place for those who want to have some life experience. Because it is the reason for all the craze which people have for beautiful sights. If you are afraid of how much experience balloon pilots have, then you need not worry about that because they have 10 to 20 years of experience, which is enough to trust them.

Sometimes, people don’t know which time is best to feel the beauty of the aerial view. In a place like this, you can have the best time in the early morning because the air looks fresh and the aerial view looks much more clear than at other times of the day.

One of the amazing facts about Palledin Balloon Excursions is you can see nearby popular places such as Zion National Park.

palledin balloon excursions in saint george utah
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As a side note, weather is really important for balloons, so don’t forget to make your schedule weather friendly. It is good for your and your family’s safety as well. 

Snow Canyon State Park

Another option for those who are interested in red cliffs is Snow Canyon State Park which is counted as one of the epic things to do in Saint George utah. It is because the landscapes are beautiful and look more natural than other red cliff places in America.

In the Red Mountains, there are some natural and high sandstones where snow canyons are crafted. It is a good place to check for tourists, especially hikers.

One of the most important epic things to do in Saint George Utah is the Santa Clara Volcano. This place is full of surprises and unexpected things which are rarely seen by anyone.

Generally, the area of the Park is around 7400 acres which is a huge place to explore. The landscape is a complete package of beautiful scenery and challenging rock climbing.

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Snow Canyon State Park has so much to explore, including plant and animal life which are rare to see in other red cliffs parks. You can even do professional wildlife photography and capture animals in your pictures, such as falcons.

Saint George Carousel

Saint George has another affectionate thing to visit which is Saint George Carousel. It is one of the most important places for kids, so don’t forget to check this place if you have a kid. But people from all age groups also come here and enjoy peaceful moments with their families. It is a perfect place for social gatherings as well.

As we can say that the Saint George Carousel is mainly made for kids, but it is not limited to them. If you are an adult and want to live your good old times again, then this is the best place for you. Also, you can learn about the history of this amusement park which is located in the middle of Town Square Park.

saint george carousel
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For a side note, the opening and closing time for Monday to Friday is 11 AM to 5 PM, and for Friday and Saturday is 11 AM to 8 PM, and Sunday is off. So, make your plan according to the given schedule and do fun things for just $1 per person.

Tuacahn Amphitheater

When we go to Snow Canyon State Park to do some epic things and come back without visiting another awesome place which is just situated outside of the Park. So, don’t miss visiting Tuacahn Amphitheater if you are in a nearby place. Another thing that is close to Tuacahn is Padre Canyon; you can check out this too.

Tuacahn is a special platform to perform different art styles, from music concerts to dance competitions; you will witness everything. It is a perfect place to visit once in a lifetime because it hosts musical concerts and shows which are quite popular among youngsters and adults. Some of them are “Mary Poppins” and “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, which are still memorable acts of all time.

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As a side note, Tuacahn is a popular place, and its yearly schedule is also fixed. So if you are planning to visit this place, then don’t forget to check the yearly events calendar.


All thanks to Saint George Utah, which is a good place to do some fun things. This place makes your deserted life a lively life again with stunning and awesome exploration sites. However, Saint George is mainly known for its history, so you may find museums and petroglyphs more than amusement parks. But it does not mean that there are no places to do fun things. You can go to places such as Contact Climbing Gym, Palledin Balloon Excursions, Tuacahn Amphitheater, and Saint George Carousel. All these places are good to explore and the best things to do in Saint George Utah.