The best things to visit in Goa


Golden-sand beaches, palm trees, a relaxed atmosphere, Goa is a unique and outstanding destination in contrast with other cities in India. Most of the people don’t know what other places in India have to offer and associate the country with big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai. The calmness and beauty of Goa will fascinate you, while there are a lot of outdoor activities, adventures and several events on offer, giving you many reasons to stay as long as possible. Popular hotspots like Palolem Beach and Colva Beach attract tourists from all around the world. The beaches are just one of many things that make Goa special. Other things that it has to offer are Portuguese-influenced cuisine, luxury hotels and resorts, historical temples and churches, spice farms, and exotic wildlife. Let’s have a look!

Beautiful beaches 

The beaches are the most visited places in Goa. Palolem Beach is one of them with its crescent shape and white sand. It’s overlooking the Arabian Sea in the south. The best way to enjoy this area is by simply hanging out, for more action Palolem beach offers a wide range of activities such as yoga classes, kayaking, swimming, dolphin-sightseeing, etc.

Another famous one is Colva Beach, especially more visited by Indian tourists. Bronze sand beach, swaying palms, herds of cows that sunbathe next to vacationers. Join the banana boat ride, go on a parasailing adventure, or rent a jet ski. Don’t miss the chance of being a part of the whole natural life experience. 

Besides that, if you want to have an authentic local experience spend it at a homestay accommodation. – plus, access to the beach. 

If you want to get to know other sceneries in India have a look at the list of best places to visit. A contrast to Goa is Ladakh, the land of beautiful landscapes like mountains, valleys, and glacial lakes. It’s the perfect destination for all nature lovers and all people that seeking peace away from big city life. Lots of outside activities you can find there. Have a look!

Spice Farms 

The parts of South India are well known for their fortune of spices like cardamom, black pepper, and cloves. A Hundred years ago, Portuguese traders came to Goa because their natural flavourings were admirable to them. Tourists learn more about the history, growing process, and understanding of spices by taking a spice farm tour by its owner at the Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm & Ecological Rest House. Other spices like vanilla, nutmeg, chili, and turmeric are also grown there, with organic methods. The farm also produces natural honey as well. 

Farm tours are not the only fun and interesting thing to do there, you can also take cooking classes, visit the Mainapi waterfall and bubbly lake or learn how to become a yoga teacher. It’s an attraction that has many things to offer for everyone. 

Portuguese Indian cuisine 

A major attraction is the food in Goa. This part of India combines dishes and flavours of Portuguese and Indian cuisine. Expect an extraordinary taste of flavours, fresh seafood, and coconut milk in almost every dish. 

Vindaloo is a must-try dish that is a spicy curry with meat, dried chili peppers, and palm vinegar. The best places where to eat traditional vindaloo are at the Hospedaria Venite in Panaji, the capital of Goa, and Dominick, a mainstay at the beach which offers seats in the front row to watch the stunning sunsets. Another Goa specialty are Xacuti, another curry dish with poppy seeds, coconut, and chili. 

Goa is a food paradise, you will either find casual and fine dining, Asian fusion, and gourmet cuisine at the same time. The menus are thoughtfully created and intriguing. 

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Goa is a great place to visit that gives you a deeper insight into Indian culture. Stepping outside of hotel life and exploring local life by taking a tuk-tuk or just getting lost in that beautiful destination. There are women in traditional costumes, cows on the street, traditional markets, etc. the list is long. It’s a magical place to get lost in for all those dreamers that want to escape reality for a while.