10 Exciting Gender Reveal Games That You Should Check At Once

gender reveal games
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When you are pregnant and not enjoying your pregnancy time, then you can crack a party. The party must be fun-oriented, exciting, interesting, surprising, and more. For that, you can give a try to the gender reveal games. This game is usually a collection of games that are made to make your pregnancy time unforgettable. And the best part about this game is it can be played by anyone, even with your friends, family, and relatives. It does not require any age bar or restriction to play. However, it would be best if you remembered crucial things, which can be found in the section below. 

Gender Reveal Games for Every Parent and Guest

1. Baby ABC Game

Baby ABC Game is one of those games which requires parents and guests to participate in making it a fun-oriented party game. For that, you need to ask all your guests to think of a word related to babies only. Then give them something like a notebook to write all those words. But remember that every word begins with a particular letter of the alphabet. That way, it will look more exciting and not an easy-to-get-rid-of type of game.

Baby ABC Game
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If you do not want to try the mentioned game, you can try another one. You need to ask your guests to think of a word that begins with one of the 26 letters. And then, they have to write or say those words in front of others. However, the words they choose must be related to baby products only. Other kinds of words are not allowed.

2. Baby Name Game

Baby Name Game is one of the best gender reveal games, which never lets you get bored. One of the best parts of this game is that it can be played with other parents or guests. So, if you are planning to have a game which you can enjoy with other people, try this game once. For that, you need to ask people to think of a name for a baby. And then, they need to tell at least one name from each letter. If they find it easy, you can make it difficult by dividing them into two different teams, and each team needs to tell names only in one gender. For example, Team A will tell girls names only, and Team B will tell boys names only.

gender reveal games
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If the first one does not excite you, you can try the second one. In this game, you must ask your guests to pick a paper from the bowl. And then tell us what name you find in the bowl. That way, you can have some fun with your friends and family. But remember that the bowl should be filled equally with boys’ and girls’ names only. It means if you decide to write 26 names on the pieces of paper, you need to divide 13 names for each gender.

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3. Pink or Blue

As we all know, pink and blue are one of those colours which define the gender of your baby. And this game is good for guessing who the baby is. For that, you need to collect some photos from your photos collection and then put them on the bulletin board. After that, call out your guest’s name and let them tell what is the gender of the baby inside the photo. When the guests find the gender, they can use blue or pink thumbtacks or pushpins to clarify the answer. Now, you as a parent have to tell them who guesses the right gender.

Pink or Blue (baby game)
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4. Guess the Baby

Suppose a guest does not know much about your baby or knows nothing and has guessed the right details. Isn’t that a surprise? Well, many people find it surprising, so if you also want to check your guest’s knowledge. Then do not forget to try one of these amazing gender reveal games.

gender reveal games
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For that, you need to gather relatives and let them guess what they find easily predictable in babies. For example, the baby’s name, whose eye colour matches the baby, how much the baby weighs and many more. These guessing questions can make your party more fun and exciting for everyone.

5. He or She

When you want to make your party memorable with some fun activities, why do not you try he or she, pop to reveal the game? This activity is perfect for making your day full of laughter. And if you are eager to learn more about it, then you need to start with collecting some black colored balloons. Now, fill them with powder. But the powder must be in two colours only, blue and pink. After filling those balloons, you need to attach them to the blackboard or something like that. Call out a guest’s name and let them burst one balloon. Whichever coloured balloons burst the most will be the real pickup gender of the baby.

He or She
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6. Guess the Due Date

When you are pregnant and want your relative to guess your exact due date, that looks kind of fun even though they do not have any idea about the exact date. So make this activity through a photo. For that, you have to take a photo and add a due date on either side of the photo. Then call your relative’s name and give that photo to that relative and let them think of the exact date. But remember that the date you mention in the photo must not be the same date your healthcare adviser gave you. The mentioned date must be closer to your delivery date.

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gender reveal games
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7. Create a Baby Competition

Create a Baby competition is one of the exciting gender reveal games that people like to try at once. So, why don’t you give it a try? You can play this game with anyone, even with your friends and family. If you are curious to play the game, you must gather guests and play with dough of only two colours. The colour must be blue and pink only; other colours are not allowed. Then give that playdough to your relative and tell them they have to create a baby figurine.

Create a Baby Competition
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But the figurine must be the same gender as the colour they chose to create. For example, if they choose blue, they must make a boy figurine. When they complete the figurine, you need to check them and tell your relatives who made the best figurine.

8. Name the Baby Food

Does not it excite you if one of your guests guesses the right baby food? So, to feel the excitement, you need to start by blindfolding them and not telling them what baby product you will feed them. Otherwise, it will ruin the fun. So, when you start feeding them, ask them what the baby product is, what it is like, etc. Try asking them as much as possible so your guest can easily tell the right answer. But remember, do not try to ask them too many questions that will ruin the fun.

gender reveal games
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9. Baby Mad Libs

If you like to write babies-related stories, then baby mad libs are the perfect option for you. This game is one of the funniest gender reveal games, among others. And you can play it anytime with your friends, family and guests too.

Baby Mad Libs
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You have to begin thinking of a story, which must be difficult and fun oriented. Then write it on the blank sheet and leave some sections blank so that they can guess the answer. Now, you must call out your guests’ names and let them read the story. After that, ask them to guess the right words or phrases for the blanked section. If you find their answers are funny, unique, surprising and interesting, you can declare them a winner.

10. Who Knows the Mom Best

As the title says, you need to create a list of questions, and every question has at least 3 to 4 multiple choices as well. So, your guest can have some idea about you or get a little hint from that. If you want to make the game difficult, remove multiple choices from the list. That way, they will struggle to answer the question. But remember that the questions must be related to Mom only.

gender reveal games
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As you can see, we have gathered the ten best gender reveal games to help you enjoy your pregnancy time. Not only that, these games are also made for women who are not pregnant. However, they can not become the centre of these fun activities; they can still participate as participants. To understand it better, the questions must revolve around the mother and her baby. For example, Who Knows the Mom Best game. So that way, Mother and her guests can enjoy all these games without any problem.