3 Tips on How to Extend the Life of My Eyelash Extensions


Probably, there is no such client and lash stylist who would not want to increase the term of lash extensions wearing.

This is important for the client because in this way he saves money and can wear beautiful and expressive eyelashes longer.

For a lash tech it is a matter of his reputation, as the longer his/her clients wear eyelashes, the more demanded will be his/her services.

We want to share with you some of our favorite methods that will help you to wear eyelashes a little longer.

  1. Use lash primer

What does lash primer do for lashes?

This product has many advantages.

First, it makes the eyelashes thick, long and healthy.

Second, it helps to improve the coupling by removing any impurities or oil, as well as by balancing the pH level of natural eyelashes.

Third, with a primer, you can shorten the coupling time, so you can serve more customers. Or make the extension procedure more comfortable for those clients who can not spend a lot of time in the salon at lash technician.

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All products presented on the LashStorePro website are certified, so you can be sure that it will make your work even more effective and demanded.

2. Do not wet your eyelashes during the first 24 hours after the extension procedure. This is how long a full coupling of the glue takes. 

During the first 24 hours after the treatment you should avoid taking shower, hot sauna, swimming pool or sports.

3. Work with the proven eyelash glue

This product is no less important than the primer, as it fixes the material on the eyelashes.

Choose products that do not emit too much harmful vapors in the process. 

Also note the coupling speed of the glue. The optimal choice for the beginner – glue with a coupling speed of 3-5 seconds. Experienced lash techs can choose a product with higher coupling speed.

This product, like many others, is also available in the Canadian brand LashStorePro.

Now you know how to improve your service and extend the period of wearing eyelashes.

Using quality LashStorePro products, your customers will be pleased with their look in the mirror and will return to you again and again!