Women’s Health Guide Is It Possible To Get Birth Control Online?

Women's Health Birth Control Online

 Are you on birth control? If you are in a long-term relationship and don’t want to use condoms? We’ve all been there. Other forms of birth control can often be the best solution for you.But with the pandemic making it more difficult to visit shops and leave the house, you may have considered  Women’s Health Birth Control Online.

The big question is can you get birth control online, and is it as safe as getting it from a pharmacy? 

Women’s Health Guide Is It Possible To Get Birth Control Online. Here’s everything you need to know about buying birth control online.

Birth Control Online Services 

In recent years, more and more companies have offered prescription birth control via online services and smartphone apps.

So-called tele-contraception services have become established as an alternative to a doctor’s visit or a local family planning clinic. 

Conservatives decry how easy it is for women to have casual sex. Liberals champion the ease of access and choice that women now have over their bodies. But this is not a moral issue. The question is, is north control safe if you use apps and online services safe?

These services allow women to obtain a prescription for birth control pills, contraceptive patches, or rings by filling out an online questionnaire and receiving a follow-up call to a health care provider.

Secret shopper studies suggest that these online services are a safe and reliable source for some women.

Prescriptions can be picked up at a local pharmacy or delivered by post. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recently recommended in a new opinion that birth control including shots, patches and rings, should be ready for purchase without a prescription.

Access to Family Planning 

While many women receive contraceptives from their doctors, the issue of access to birth control for family planning clinics in the United States has become more pressing.

Another access issue is femring. Remember, you can now also buy Femring online as well. 

Advocates argue that online companies can fill that gap and make some contraceptive measures more accessible to women living in contraceptive deserts without reproductive health clinics.

On the other hand, the idea of online health care can make some people uncomfortable. Data privacy concerns online are an issue for all aspects of our life. They are not just confined to online contraception. 

Secret Shopping 

A doctor’s team decided to measure how good online contraception services are by using a “secret shopper”. Seven women would get pills from nine US. companies starting in March 2018.

Patients visited the companies a total of 63 times and completed standard questionnaires. Two companies provided video calls between visits, and a third of visits had some follow-up call or text message with the healthcare provider through the service.

 In 45% of visits, secret buyers reported contraindications for taking the pill, such as blood clots or migraines. In these cases, companies complied with medical guidelines 93% of the time.

Because of the study’s limitations of such a small sample, it’s hard to definitively get a hand on online shopping quality control. But this survey goes some way to addressing concerns about the online world for contraception. It is not as murky as some might imagine. 

Other Options 

One concern is that women who use these online services may not be aware of the different contraceptive options. Two companies involved in the study offered information on long-acting contraceptives.

These include intrauterine devices (IUDs), small implants placed under the skin of the arm where they are inserted by a doctor or nurse, and they are an effective form of reversible birth control.

Women interested in online birth control should research their options, for example, on a trusted website like Planned Parenthood, rather than simply opting for the pill straight away. 

One thing online companies can do is improve information about slow-acting and reversible contraceptives.

The birth control pill is safe and effective if taken safely, but that safety information is sometimes not as obvious or available on online sites as it would be in real life. If these services provide reliable contraceptives from home, that is a good thing. But there are also some accessibility issues.


Can you get birth control online? Yes but studies have shown the price you will pay at different locations are very different. Most accept health insurance, but uninsured customers can pay between $67 and $519 for a one-year prescription, including the cost of a visit. The average price is $313.

This according to findings published September 26 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Contraceptives are not the only prescriptions available. Consumers also have medications for several diseases, from acne to erectile dysfunction. It is not clear whether one company is qualitatively better than the other

Birth Control Online: Buy What’s Right For You

Many men and women are not aware of the complete range of options that are available to them. From the pill to the implant to female condoms, there is a whole range of birth control online options to choose from.

But the internet creates an echo chamber, and we might also distrust it. Rather than looking at the whole picture, Amazon-style services can just offer us what we think we want.

Some people might be lured in with low prices and might end up buying counterfeit drugs. The good news is this is happening less frequently. Secret shopper surveys have shown that consumers are getting better services online. 

If you are interested in learning more about ordering birth control online, be sure to check out the rest of our site.