Why You Should Utilize Your Free Time for Your Hobbies


You may have heard people saying “not enough time in the day,” or we are “running out of time.” The new age has introduced man to many innovations and eased many difficulties. Today we humans have found cure for incurable diseases, shortened distances and stepped on to planets other than the earth. But, even after reaching the heights of advancements, we all lack for some quantity time that makes us productive and creative.

In an ideal world, we all wish for a proper balanced-equation for work, Family, Social life and Hobbies. But In reality, we are hardly able to manage all these. Work takes up the majority of our “work-life balance” equation, making us so damn exhausted.

Many people assume the only formula to achieve work-life balance is spending equal number of hours on work and “me-time”.” But for most of the people that seems impossible. Many people have more than 8 hours work shift a day. Adding doing chores, sleep, eating, showering, commuting, and getting a little exercise, and all the other things you need to do every day.  What’s left is maybe an hour or two. Which means work and life will never balance.

For most of the adults, getting time for their hobbies is a bit difficult. But what If you a get quantity of free time…? Wouldn’t be a good idea to utilize that time relaxing and recreating your old Hobbies, which you weren’t able to do because of the busy schedule.   

Well, if you’ve got some quality of time, the best way to put that to use is to relax, have fun, decompress from a stressful day, spend time with a loved one and also don’t forget to make some time for your hobbies.

Having a hobby is a great way to release all your stress and feel happier. Everyone works differently and have their own hobbies. Filling your free time with some DIY projects, traveling, reading, riding a bicycle, books coloring, cooking, gardening and more will make you feel like a different person and will improve your creativity and productivity.

Below are some of the activities that can add a relaxation and some productivity — into your daily life.

1. Reading

One of the greatest joys of reading is that it educates us and we can literally become another person whom we have never met because it develops our thoughts, gives us endless knowledge to read while keeping our minds active. Reading books can be a good exercise for your mind making it more sharper and making your remembering power stronger.

2. Blogging

When you write about something, it opens the door to connecting with those around the world who speak your language, where you can express your thoughts and views. Blogging provides you a platform for teaching people who have an interest in your areas of expertise and will also teach yourself more about the topic. When you write something, you will search for new ideas, analyse things and look at them from a different point of view, which will make you more knowledgeable and informative.

3. Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting are a fun activity which provides a mental rest that lowers stress and generates relaxation and happy feelings. It helps us get distracted from the problems and helps us identify our feelings and increase our expression capabilities. These activities increase the imagination, improving memory. Drawing and Painting helps to create harmony between the heart and the mind, which leads us to experience love, happiness, empathy and peace.

4. Dancing

Most of us are aware about the fact that the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of dancing are endless. Engaging in physical activities like Dancing can give you a boost in emotional and social well-being, moving your transforming your life. Dancing can boost your memory and mood making you feel more refreshed and energetic. Dancing really does lift your spirits, improve physical performance and increases energy levels among adults.

5. Gardening

Gardening may seem somewhat boring to some people but after tilling, planting, nurturing and harvesting plants, you might see a slightly different person in the mirror. A person a little more in tune with the earth and who can grow things. Gardening can help in burning calories and strengthening your heart. Some of the researchers have said that a healthy bacterium that lives in soil, can increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety and the light activity associated with gardening can help you sleep better at night.

6. Playing instruments

Playing an instrument isn’t only good for your brain, it’s also encourages you to develop relationships with new kinds of people. It also helps in leadership and team-building skills.  Playing instruments strengthens your lungs, respiratory system and helps improve your mental performance and memory.  It can be a form of self-soothing art, and a healthy distraction from a stress.

7. Cooking

The old family recipes can be a way to connect to your past and reminds you of the tradition. Cooking are good for your mental health because cooking is an act of patience, mindfulness and an outlet for creative expression. It helps to raise one’s self esteem by doing something positive for their family, themselves or loved ones. When you cook, it helps to relieve depression, anxiety, eating disorders and advance your social skills.