TV Shows From the 50s You Need to to Watch

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Did you know that more than one million U.S. homes had television sets by 1948? It’s no wonder the 1950s were considered the Golden Age of Television.

The 1950s introduced some of the best TV shows still beloved by so many today. This guide will discuss TV shows from the 50s you should check out. Keep reading to learn more.

1. I Love Lucy

One of the most famous TV shows from the 50s is I Love Lucy. This classic TV sitcom first aired between 1951-1957. Through syndication, it has continued to delight viewers for decades after its original release.

I Love Lucy follows the antics of housewife Lucy and her husband, Ricky Ricardo. This show was so beloved because it was funny and full of heart. It was relatable to families across the country raising families of their own.

2. Bonanza

Western TV shows from the 50s were also a staple of the era. Nothing captured this part of television history better than the NBC show Bonanza. It began airing in 1959 and lasted for 14 seasons.

This show followed the Cartwright family on their Ponderosa Ranch during and following the American Civil War. The Cartwright’s represented family and justice, which were staples of the western genre.

This is what made the show so popular and helped it become the second-longest-running western TV show.

3. Dragnet

Next on the list of TV shows from the 50s is the popular police procedural show Dragnet. Starting as a radio show, Dragnet went on to become a television show airing throughout the 1950s and was also turned into multiple movies.

The show was about the cases of LA police detective Joe Friday. Dragnet has become one of the most influential police procedurals in television history. It set the bar for popular shows like the Law & Order franchise.

4. The Little Rascals

Although The Little Rascals were a series of short films made between 1922-1944, they were turned into a television show that began airing in 1955. Created by Hal Roach, the executive behind the iconic duo Laurel and Hardy, The Little Rascals are beloved characters to this day.

The stories follow the day-to-day adventures of a group of poor neighborhood friends. They were one of the first TV shows to portray black and white children playing together. The kids from The Little Rascals are television icons people continue to watch today.

5. Leave It to Beaver

Other popular TV shows from the 50s and 60s include Leave It to Beaver. This television show has remained a staple in American culture because of its family values. It depicted the suburban, happy family like no other show has.

The main character was Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver. The show focused on his adventures at home and school.

TV Shows From The 50s You Should Watch

There are many great TV shows from the 50s you should watch. This list includes some of the best, like I love Lucy or The Little Rascals.

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