Impact of Coronavirus on Fitness Industry


With the spread of coronavirus pandemic all around the world, many industries have fallen into a downward spiral. China was the first country detected with coronavirus outbreak and has now infected people in 185 countries. The widely spread of the virus has left businesses around the world counting the costs. Industries such as production and manufacturing, automobiles, airlines, oil, and tourism have taken massive hits. Meanwhile, companies supplying gym equipment are also struggling to meet a skyrocketing demand.

The governments all around the world has taken many preauction to avoid the spread of this deadly, mandating the closure of all non-essential public places, including fitness studios, health clubs and gyms. The fitness industry suffered significant financial losses from past months as thousands of gyms closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left millions of people with nowhere to work out.

Many gyms have denied members refunds or cancellations throughout the duration of their closure. While others, have stopped collecting membership fees and will not pursue any past due balances for members until the health clubs and gyms reopens. The economic downturn has left a lasting impact on the fitness industry as many personal trainers and gym staff find themselves out of work.

As a precautionary step many people are staying at home, working remotely, and performing social distancing. As gyms and fitness studios continue to close, fitness instructors are getting creative and leading virtual workouts through different modes.

Many subscription service that partners with local fitness studios started to launch live workouts fitness classes. These companies are also encouraging users to donate directly to their favorite studios through the apps.

Apart from these virtual classes, there are various ways through which you can stay healthy and fit at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Perform More Physical Activity

As several countries are under lockdown, it is uncertain for how long you can go outside for a walk, run or cycle.  So, it’s better to perform some sort of activity at home as little activity is better than none, and more activity provides more physical and health benefits.

2. Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Stair climbing are great exercise routines. Little changes like using stairs instead of the elevator can help you stay fit without setting aside a specific time for exercise.

3. Avoid Sitting for More than 30 Minutes at a Time

If you are currently working from home, you may spend hours at your desk or sofa each day. Just getting up and having a little movement every 30 minutes can get you blood pumping and increase your activity level.

4. Eating a Healthy Diet

Eating a Healthy Diet can keep you fit and healthy. A wide variety of fresh foods ensures you’re getting the nutrients you need. Plus, if you’re eating colourful foods like fruits and veggies, it will help you keep hydrated and active all day.

5. Drink Lots of Water

An adult humans body are 60 percent water. Most of the people are aware about the hundreds of benefits of drinking more water. Consuming more water enhances performance and always keeps you hydrated, active and more.