What Is CBD Lube and Is It Worth Your Time?

cbd lube

You might not be up to speed with one new CBD product. Yes, there are CBD gummies, lotions, and bath bombs. But have you heard of CBD lube?

CBD-infused lube has joined a market size that is predicted to reach $23.7 billion by 2023. And like many CBD products, people are raving about it.

But what makes CBD lubricant different from other lubes? After all, they are worthy opponents who also add pleasure to people’s lives without shame. Is it worth changing ranks to CBD-infused sex lube?

Read on to find out!

What Is CBD Lube, and How Is It Different?

Like other lubricants, CBD lube aims to increase personal and shared sexual pleasure. There are different types, such as water-based and oil-based.

The difference with CBD lube is that it is infused with Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is part of marijuana, but not the part that gets you high. So, unless you buy lube which also lists tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), you will not get high.

Medical professionals recognize CBD benefits. Research is still growing, but the results look promising. Studies have found CBD to be helpful with anxiety and epilepsy.

CBD products such as lube are available countrywide. But check your state, as a few have some restrictions.

Is CBD Lubricant Worth It?

A study of around 2,500 women confirmed lube increases sexual pleasure! Anyone who has used lube will agree that it has benefits.

But why go the extra mile with CBD sex lube? Many reviews claim CBD lubricant is worth it. Here are some reasons why it might be worth it for you.

If You Want To Relax and Get in the Mood

Did you have a stressful day at work? Are you with a new partner? Or are you struggling with anxiety?

CBD lube can relax you physically and mentally fast. Switch off and enjoy, whether you are self-masturbating or with a partner or two.

CBD-infused lube stimulates blood flow to muscle tissue. Blood flow helps lubrication, so do not worry about not being ready. You will soon be aroused!

If You Want One Lube for All Occasions

If you are fed up wondering what the mystery is between gender-labeled lubes, worry no more. CBD lube is suitable for you; however you identify. Save money, share, and do not worry that you will turn into a unicorn if you accidentally use your partner’s lube.

If You Experience Pain

Three out of four women will experience painful intercourse at some point in their lives. It can be caused by anything such as irritation, infection, or not being lubricated at the time. Or it could be due to a condition such as endometriosis or if you are going through menopause.

CBD lube reviews often mention that it is helpful for pain relief. CBD lube helps relax your muscles, which will also help! So make sex enjoyable again; you deserve it!

Men can also benefit from fewer minor abrasions and easier lubrication.

If You Want To Have Better Orgasms

Who doesn’t want better orgasms? Other factors certainly contribute to a big O (orgasm), but CBD lube can lend a helping hand.

CBD lube helps relax pelvic muscles faster. If you are relaxed and aroused, you will focus on sensations, not when it will be over. Say hello to a better chance of an orgasm or three.

Men can use it for anal play or put it inside the condom (if the lube is latex safe!)

For Those Who Also Appreciate Sleep

Many people use CBD products, such as gummies, to sleep. Some people even claim they sleep well after using CBD lube! Whether it was because of a good pleasure session, or CBD’s impact, it is worth trying!

Do not use other ways to relax before intimacy, such as alcohol. It has adverse health effects and can leave you with a nasty hangover and a less-than-memorable night.

What You Need To Know About CBD Sex Lube

So, the internet is full of great reviews about CBD lubricants. And CBD’s benefits certainly appeal. But there are several things you need to know about CBD lube to make an informed purchase.

CBD Lube: Buy From a Reputable Seller

Do not buy CBD lube from anywhere. Check the seller’s reputation online. And read CBD lube reviews to ensure it is legitimate and scream-worthy in a good, not bad, way.

You can check the Better Business Bureau site for independent reviews and complaints.

Benefits Are Mainly Based on CBD Lube Reviews

There is plenty of research about CBD, but not enough about CBD lube yet. So most claims are based on all the positive CBD lube reviews.

Check CBD Lubricant Ingredients

Not all CBD lube is made equal. Be mindful that oil-based lube can break condoms.

It is best to use water-based CBD lube, as it is possible to use this with condoms. Water-based is also generally less of an irritant for the user.

Look for CBD lubricant ingredients that are also non-staining, paraben, and petrochemical-free. If you are on prescription medication, check with your doctor that CBD does not interact.

Be Patient

For the full benefits of CBD sex lube to sink in, have patience. Some require absorption times of around 20 minutes.

But do not fear. In the meantime, enjoy the lubrication or another CBD product, such as CBD oil, for a sensual massage. Or try whatever technique works for you to get in the mood.

There Is No Shame!

Lube adds to your sex life; it does not take away from it. If you have never tried lubricants before, prepare for your life to be changed. The stigma around lube is slowly disappearing, which is fantastic news for everyone.

CBD Lube Review

Lotions, lip balm, lattes, and now; lube. What is next for CBD? More research confirming the benefits of CBD lube that is for sure!

Everyone should try lube, so why not CBD-infused lube? The CBD lube reviews speak for themselves. And if you are a regular lube user, mix it up, and see if you notice a difference.

Follow the considerations to get the best CBD lube for you. And have fun!

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