4 Unique Business Lighting Ideas to Draw In Customers


Nearly 68% of workers are unhappy with the lighting in their workspaces. Poor lighting can cause eye strain, headaches, feeling fatigued, and decrease overall productivity.

Have you thought about the quality of the lighting in your place of business? Lighting that is too bright or too dim can turn away customers.

Keep reading to learn about four business lighting ideas.

1. Lighting for Restaurants

Lighting in your restaurant can make or break the experience for customers. If you have a restaurant where most customers dine in, you can use lighting to illuminate the different parts of the restaurant.

The right lighting can make each seating area its own intimate space.

Lighting is important for outdoor dining too. You can use lighting to make walkways visible and to create a cozy feeling for the outdoor seating area.

2. Highlight Products in Retail Stores

There are different types of lighting that you can use in your business. Two main types are ambient lighting and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the general lighting of your business. It’s usually the lighting you install overhead.

Accent lighting can be used to highlight certain parts of your business. For example, at a retail store, you can use accent lighting to highlight products on a shelf or to draw attention to sales and specials.

3. Set the Mood With Color Temperature

Another factor with business lighting is the overall light temperature. Light temperature is measured through the Kelvin scale. Warmer light tones mean a lower Kelvin scale while cooler light tones mean a higher Kelvin scale.

Warmer light tones are going to set a different atmosphere compared to cooler light tones. Warmer tones usually mean cozier spaces while cooler tones mimic bright daylight. The tone that you use is going to depend on your place of business.

For instance, warmer tones are best for restaurants while cooler tones are better for office spaces.

4. Parking Lot Lighting

You should also consider how the outdoor lighting of your business affects customers. If your parking lot is poorly lit, it can make customers feel uneasy or even unsafe.

Poor outdoor lighting can also affect driving conditions and make it difficult for drivers to see.

You want a parking lot that is brightly lit and where signs like the exit and entrance are properly illuminated.

For parking lots, LED lighting is a good choice. These types of lights last longer than incandescent lighting, use less energy, and emit light in a specific direction which is useful in parking lots. You can read more on parking lot lighting here.

Business Lighting Makes a Difference

There are several factors to consider when choosing business lighting. Good lighting means creating the right atmosphere for your place of business. It also means light that is bright enough so that your customers can see your products clearly.

The above are some business lighting ideas. To learn more tips, check out more articles on our blog.