Try Out the Simple And Easy to Make Mango Recipes at Home


As we all know, summer is the season of king of fruits- Mangoes.  This fresh, juicy and delicious fruit is no doubt favourite of many of us. With arrival of people start making different kinds of dishes.

There are many varieties of mangoes available in the market like badami, langda, kesar, dasheri, langda, safeda and more. Everyone has their favourite type.

Below are some easy and delicious recipes you can try out at your home during the lockdown and can enjoy summer to its fullest.

1. Mango milkshake

Mango milkshake is favourite of all. This is prepared by simply blending ripe mango pieces, milk and sugar in blender jar and easily prepared.

2. Mango fruit salad

The easy to make and healthy recipe is quick to make and full of vitamins. Mix variety of fruits in a bowls with a pinch of black salat, pepper, chat masala and lemon juice and its ready to serve within no time. The overall preparation time will not take you more than 20-25 minutes.

3. Mango Smoothie

This recipe is very easy to make and the whole process hardly takes 5 minutes. Blend mango, yogurt, milk or milkmaid, ice and a little bit of honey till it’s smooth and frothy.

4. Sweet mango chutney

This tangy, tasty Mango chutney is EASY to try at home. Made with Ginger, mustard seeds, garlic, red chili pepper flakes mangoes and added vinegar makes taste buds tingle in an instant. The chutney taste yummy and goes very well with meat, sandwiches and dal-rice.

4.  Mango kulfi

During the Hot days  of summer there is nothing like homemade Mango kulfi. It’s so creamy and so yummy that your kids will definitely love it. This mango kulfi is made with very few ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk (you can even use milkmaid), whole milk, cream and some ripped mangoes.

5. Mango Aamras

Mango Aamras is a popular dessert from the western Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat and a traditional sweet served with pooris.  All you have to do is crush some ripe mango pieces, add milk and spoons of sugar in a mixer and your treat is ready to serve.

6. Mango ice cream

Creamy & delicious. This is a 3-ingredient mango ice cream made with mangoes, fresh cream, vanilla essence and sugar/honey, but vanilla is entirely optional and you can simply skip it.

7. Mango shrikhand

Mango shrikhand also called as Amrakhand, is a very common fresh yogurt and ripe mangoes based sweet dish. No artificial colour or flavourings are used in this shrikhand recipe.

8. Mango cake

Mango cake is easy and tasty egg free mango cake recipe made with whole wheat flour, condensed milk, fresh mangoes, and butter.

9.Mango halwa

Mango halwa recipe is prepared exactly the way we make halwa with an addition of mango pulp. This is very easy to make and only 25 minutes.

10.Mango lassi

Mango lassi is a popular drink basically from Punjabi. This sweet thick, smooth and delicious mango lassi recipe will refresh your mood instantly and often helps to beat the heat during summers in India.

 11. Mango raita

Mango Raita is a delicious curd-based recipe which goes very well with any meals. The sweet and tasty raita is made with ripe sweet mangoes and can be served as a side dish with roti-sabzi or Dal rice combo.

Try out these easy to make and simple recipes at home during this lockdown and stay home, stay safe.