Know Some of the Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence


What is Artificial intelligence…?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing human-like tasks to improve the productivity, profitability, and business results. The field of AI research was coined during the summer 1956 at a workshop held on the campus of Dartmouth College. The AI machines rely heavily on deep learning and natural language processing and adjust themselves to new inputs and perform tasks to reduce human efforts. Using these technologies, computers are enabled to accomplish specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and recognizing patterns in the data. AI is an interdisciplinary science creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.

Some of the the advantages associated with Artificial intelligence (AI) :

1) Less Human Error

Humans are more prone to errors compared to machines. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, the decisions are taken from the previously gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms. So chances of errors are reduced and the chance of getting accurate output with a greater degree of precision is increased compared to their human counterparts. Their high accuracy has made these machines indispensable to work in critical tasks specially in medical field, diagnosing serious conditions in the human body.

2. Faster Process Completion

Artificial intelligence machines have faster processing and usually takes less time to complete a task compared to humans. I this busy world speed is crucial, especially in the field of customer facing processes. These machines enable faster processes by completing tasks faster and by working 24/7 without getting tired.

3) Overcoming hazardous Conditions

AI robotics can take over tasks which are harmful for humans. Performing some tasks can be dangerous for humans and may cause health issues for humans. AI robots can be used in such situations preventing them from performing these tasks. Using machine intelligence is preferable than humans to complete such tasks.

4. Advanced Automation

AI machines can be used at the places requiring more labour work. These machines can perform intensive backbreaking human labor and tasks easily without the need for human intervention. AI technologies are increasingly adopted and incorporated in industries and organizations to reduce the workload of humans.

5. Faster Decisions Making

AI machines can take decisions within a count of few seconds and carry out actions quicker. While taking decisions human will analyse many factors, but AI-powered machine works on what it is programmed and delivers the results faster.

Some of the Risks associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI):

1. High Costs of Creation & Maintenance

AI systems becomes costly when they are introduces to more errors than alternatives and where cost of errors are significant. As AI updates every day, the hardware and software need to get updated with time to meet the latest requirements and efficiently. These machines Can cost a lot of money and time to build, rebuild, and repair.

2) Lacking Out of Box Thinking

Machines can perform only those tasks for which they are programmed or designed for. Anything out of that can tend to crash or give irrelevant outputs which could be a major backdrop. AI Machines lacks the ability of thinking out of the box. Creativity is not the key for creative these machines and can perform only those tasks which they are designed. AI machines fails in anything out of programmed code and they tend to crash or give irrelevant outputs which could be a major backdrop. Though they help in designing and creating other things, they can’t match the power of a human brain.

3. Increase In Unemployment

Human work is replaced by these high-tech AI machines which results in more unemployment. Since the AI system can perform most of the human related tasks with more accuracy and precision, human-intensive requirements have decreased in some industries. People don’t possess the required skills that are in demand.

4.) Humans Becoming Lazy

With the increasing need of AI systems in market, humans are becoming lazier. Humans tend to get addicted to these automated inventions which can cause a problem to future generations.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence. Every invention will have both positive and negative side, but it is up to humans to make the best use of it to create a better world.