In general, the functional base of Express VPN does not differ from other similar services. Users are offered the opportunity to view any videos and sites from anywhere globally without any restrictions, complete confidentiality, and security of online activities. But a really practical building stands on the already familiar foundation. So in this article, we will give you a complete guide about express VPN mod apk.

Express VPN mod apk

Stable and user-friendly applications ported to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. You will spend no more than 5 minutes setting them up. And if you have no free time at all, you can use the service with one click! So you just need to register, download Express VPN, and use it. Of the special advantages, the interface is understandable at an intuitive level.


The fastest connection speed of any VPN provider available – without compromising on the quality of user data protection. Express VPN for computers and phones uses 256-bit SSL encryption, but it is because the speed drops are observed on most services. Express VPN does not have this disadvantage – continuous optimization of data streams provides unlimited bandwidth and almost no interruptions.


User-rated technical support is the best. All clients are equally important here – whatever your tariff plan, the problem will be solved as soon as possible. However, the average waiting time for a response is about a minute.


One hundred sixty locations of physical and virtual servers in 94 countries of the world – this is quite enough in the absence of restrictions. You can switch to any of the servers at any second and do it as many times as you need. There are currently over 2000 servers on offer. Europe and North America have the best coverage, but there are also South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific locations.


ExpressVPN apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux are simple, easy to use, stable, and powerful. You can download Express VPN to your computer or laptop, and after 5 minutes, you can start working by connecting to the desired location. Everything is so simple that even those who have never used such services can figure it out.

  • You can download Express VPN for Windows 7, 8, and 10. XP and Vista are also supported.
  • Express VPN apps for Mac are available, for all macOS versions, from Mavericks and Yosemite to Sierra and High Sierra.
  • Linux apps are suitable for Arch, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Raspbian, Ubuntu, others can be manually configured.

The options menu lets you choose whether ExpressVPN will start and connect when Windows starts, enable KillSwitch, which stops all internet traffic if you lose your VPN connection, and switch from auto-select the protocol of your choice OpenVPN or other protocols. Additional features include speed tests on all available servers, WebRTC leak tests, and some other features.


Express VPN apps for phones are consistently in the top ratings, receive rave reviews and five stars from Express VPN users on Android and iPhones. Not only are they ideal for China (nothing works more reliably, or at least as fast), they are also suitable for use in other regions.

  • Express VPN for iOS 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8, iPhone XS and XR, iPad Pro, and all previous iOS devices.
  • Express VPN Apps for Android Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo.
  • VPN apps for BlackBerry Key2 LE, Key2, Motion, and KeyOne.
  • The ability to manually connect VPN on Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

ExpressVPN is one of the best options for Android and iOS, allowing you to use the OpenVPN protocol and secure tunneling. High speeds, minimum settings, automatic connection to the best location – these are all important.


Express VPN extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari allow you to launch VPN directly from your browser, block potential data leaks over the WebRTC protocol, and automatically connect to the last used location when you open the browser. The browser add-on is an extension of the ExpressVPN application, so you will need to run the full Windows, Mac OS, or Linux desktop application.

  • Express VPN app for Chrome.
  • VPN app for Firefox.
  • Express VPN for Safari is not always supported, and please check.
  • ExpressVPN for Opera or Yandex Browser does not exist as a standalone application, but you can launch the client and configure tunneling for one specific browser.

The biggest benefit of using a browser app is convenience – that is, the ability to easily switch server locations right in the browser, rather than going to the desktop VPN client. The ExpressVPN Chrome extension also includes the HTTPS Everywhere add-on, a service that forces sites to use a secure connection instead of plain HTTP if the site supports it.


Amazon Fire TV is a streaming media platform that brings together a vast array of movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, SHOWTIME, and many other services and platforms. So if you need a VPN for streaming video, Express offers the fastest speeds, strong encryption, and the freedom to choose from 148 locations in 94 countries and more.


  • The setup is very simple, and even novice users can cope with it. So it does not require the involvement of a computer wizard or system administrator.
  • Download and run the VPN client on your computer or laptop. Select and pay for a license for the required period.
  • Set up Express VPN on your Fire TV.
  • Select VPN connection with Fire TV and launch it.


Users can connect to ExpressVPN on many devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets, streaming media consoles, and wireless routers). With one subscription, you can connect up to 3 devices on any platform, and they will work at the same time. To connect the fourth, you need to disconnect one of the first three.

Express VPN for a router is more suitable for Western countries or China. Our standard routers in homes and offices usually need to be reflashed, doing this at your peril and risk. Or order a router from other countries with a pre-installed VPN (you can change it) or a clean one, and install VPN on it yourself according to the instructions.

ExpressVPN in China

From the very first days of hard blocking of VPNs in China, ExpressVPN confidently demonstrated what it means to be the VPN leader in the world: the connection was restored in the shortest possible time, and then the team established a new scheme of work, which is still functioning today:

  • Separate servers and mirrors specifically for China.
  • Support for the highest speeds in any region throughout the country.
  • Transferring users to backup channels during attacks and without losing the connection.
  • Removes speed and traffic limits from Chinese providers.
  • Excellent technical support, solving all problems in a short time.
  • Applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, fully automatic configuration.
  • Extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers, additional HTTPS protection

Most of those who go to this country, based on reviews, independent tests, and reviews from other users, choose Express VPN for China. It is as reliable and stable as possible. However, it is guaranteed to work even in the most difficult cases. And it is very easy to use – even beginners can handle it.

Is Express VPN free to download?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get Express VPN for free. Simply because there is no hacked or cracked version of Express VPN, free keys, codes, and torrents. Encryption of this degree is used in law enforcement and banking structures, and for work, you need to connect to Express VPN servers – hacking a system of such complexity is impossible. To be able to use the program, you need to pay.

If you do not like the cooperation with the service for some reason, “Express” promises to return the money spent within 30 days. This speaks for itself – they are confident in the quality of their services.

EXPRESS VPN MOD APK: Privacy policy and logs

ExpressVPN is a provider that takes online privacy and anonymity very seriously. Some minimal data about the connection is saved to estimate the load on the servers and track problems, but this is not to be feared – no really meaningful data is recorded.

In December 2017, news emerged that the Turkish authorities had taken over ExpressVPN’s server to retrieve user data. But they were unable to retrieve any data – because there were no logs available that would let them know which client was using specific IP addresses, which clients accessed Gmail or Facebook during the time in question, etc.


No, ExpressVPN does not offer dedicated IP addresses. Remember that dedicated / static IP addresses are not a good choice for privacy, as your internet traffic does not mix with other users’ traffic as it does with public IP addresses.

BVI jurisdiction ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is an anonymous VPN provider based on the BVI jurisdiction and not subject to the 14 Eyes group of countries. So let’s figure out what all this means and what is convenient for users. BVI, British Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, BVI is a dependent territory of Great Britain, a self-governing group of islands with its legislature, an independent judiciary, and national police. So the body of laws that the BVI companies are required to comply with is in the BVI, not in the UK.

14 Eyes is a group of countries where intelligence agencies share military and counter-terrorism information. Since the BVI is a tiny country with no foreign intelligence operations, it is not a party to any 14 Eyes intelligence-sharing agreements.


When choosing a VPN provider, conscious users should consider the following:

  • Is the company obligated to keep user logs, or is it in a jurisdiction that does not require it?
  • Can the government require a VPN provider to provide user details?
  • How can you ensure your anonymity and protect your data?

In the BVI jurisdiction, in principle, it is very difficult to force the court to oblige the company to provide any data about people. So this requires irrefutable evidence, which is usually almost impossible to obtain.

The company keeps some information about the connection. But there is nothing they can do to help any investigations or allegations:

  • What version of the application is installed by the user;
  • From which country to which country was connected (no specific IP, only countries);
  • The day the user used the VPN (but not the time);
  • Total traffic volume (no details).

That is, no one, and even the ExpressVPN provider itself, can know and say what exactly you did on the network, what you downloaded or watched.


The data is collected to track the technical processes of connections, to notice problems with access from specific countries, to manage flows, and ensure high connection speeds.

The service does not control traffic, does not record DNS, cannot view content, track browser history does not save the source and destination IP. Therefore, it is impossible to indicate, even by order of the Supreme Court.

  • Which ExpressVPN user accessed specific websites or services?
  • What sites have a specific user accessed?
  • Whether a specific user was connected to ExpressVPN at a specific date and time or which users are currently connected.

ExpressVPN retains the minimum amount of information required to run a highly reliable service. Without this information, it would be impossible to manage server load, ensure that applications are working correctly. And provide the most convenient and effective support for customers.

As a result, you can be confident in your anonymity and your data security when you use ExpressVPN. Whatever country you are in, and for whatever purposes you use VPN, you are reliable. And at the same time legal from the point of view of legislation, protection.


Four factors make ExpressVPN a great choice for P2P file-sharing:

  • High-performance server network with exceptionally high speed and high reliability.
  • Foreign jurisdiction not subject to DMCA requests or copyright infringement claims.
  • High-quality applications that will keep your data safe and anonymous and protect you from leaks and vulnerabilities (WebRTC).
  • No bandwidth or traffic limits at all.


ExpressVPN has updated its Android app to the new version 6.5.1, and users have already appreciated it. So express VPN is one of the most downloaded content access and information security apps today. However, the company’s clients appreciate the high speed and stability of the program. But the developers still have something to please them with.


  • Updated notification system. Without a doubt, the most amazing new feature of ExpressVPN 6.5.1 for Android is the dynamic notification system. New notifications display the current state of the user’s connection and allow you to directly interact with them, disconnect, connect.
  • Optimized tuning. Now you can easily set up a VPN for Android using ExpressVPN. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen. Need help? No problems! The blue clues will guide you down an easy path. Even if you have not used such services before or only used VPN on your computer. So you will be able to cope with the installation and configuration on your mobile device.
  • Highest connection reliability. According to user reviews, ExpressVPN has the fastest VPN connection for Android. And, as always, various VPN protocol options let you customize your Android app just the way you want it.
  • ExpressVPN Smart Location for Android works great. This is a real-time saver and the fastest browsing possible. Smart Location automatically selects the most reliable VPN connections, so you don’t have to worry about speed.


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