3 Unconventional Burial Options

Unconventional Burial Options

Miles of graveyards pay homage to traditional burials, but who says you have to play by the rules? It’s your burial, after all.

Take ancient Egyptian culture, for example. Pharaohs were buried inside elaborate tombs, surrounded by treasures, canopic jars, and objects to accompany them into the afterlife. Even pets were given the royal burial treatment in ancient Egypt.

Ancient Romans buried their dead in elaborately carved sarcophagi too. They also practiced cremation, which is the most popular form of modern burial in North America.

Today’s burial options aren’t as boring as you think. In fact, you could be buried like a real Ancient Egyptian! Thousands of people have donated their bodies after death for mummification research.

Discover even more unconventional burial alternatives.

1. Dissolve Your Remains

Did you know there’s one burial alternative that takes cremation one step further?

Bio-cremation dissolves human remains through a fascinating process called “resomation.” A professional heats up a combination of potassium hydroxide and water, liquefying all flesh and organs. This process leaves just the bones and nothing else.

Next, the bones are completely pulverized into a powder, which your loved ones can scatter or keep inside an urn.

While not every funeral home offers this service, you can find water cremation in Canada and 18 states in the United States.

If bio cremation isn’t available in your area, there’s plenty of cremation information available for you and your loved ones.

2. Become One with the Reef

Did you grow up by the ocean? Do you have a passion for marine biology?

You may want to look into the unusual practice of “eternal reef” burials.

This burial option uses human remains to make artificial aquatic reefs. Human remains are mixed with concrete to recreate the look and feel of real reefs. These reefs are also placed underwater to restore natural reef damage.

These artificial reefs attract fish and other organisms to natural reefs. You could play a crucial part in rebuilding much-needed ecosystems.

3. Blast off into Space

A space burial is the ultimate send-off for any sci-fi fan, but is it actually possible?

The short answer is yes, but very few companies offer this unique service. Some companies claim to take your remains on a trip through outer space. Your remains would eventually burn up during orbit.

If you’re willing to pay more, you could even freeze your remains indefinitely. Cryonics has long been a popular sci-fi trope, but it’s also a viable burial alternative if you have over $100,000 on hand. In fact, this burial option can cost upwards of $200,000 or more.

Make a Statement with Your Burial Options

Why play it safe when you were born to break the rules? 

Transform into a real mummy, help save the oceans, or take a joyride through space! You could even keep it simple and design a humorous gravestone that will keep your loved ones laughing.

Consider these memorable burial options as you plan in advance. Do you need more valuable tips? Don’t forget to follow the blog for more.