Top 5 Delicious North India Veg Thali Places in Delhi


It is pretty much right to say that not every restaurant in Delhi serves the delicious North Indian veg thali. But there are few countable places in the capital city to enjoy your favorite veg thali. India is diverse in food and its food is very famous all around the globe. The variety of dishes available in India is tremendous, and these dishes are blended in spices which makes them more mouth-watering.

If you are a food lover and you do not care about the decor, interior, theme, music, etc. The only thing you want is a table and chair with delicious food served right in front of you, so it is advisable to avoid those fancy themed restaurants, who seem to have good decor rather than their foods.

The best part after having their shitty meal, you will have to pay the expensive bills. Because you have followed the paid blog post filled on the internet.

It will be so hard for anyone to eat North Indian dishes like shahi paneer, dal makhani, paneer lababdar, vegetables, rice, achaar, papad, gulab jamun separately and ordering them separately will hurt your pocket. What if you will get these in a single thali at a reasonable cost? Yes, that is right north Indian thali will have all these dishes. The quantity of each dish will be enough to fill your stomach.

If you are someone who enjoys north Indian veg thali, then you must try these top 5 appetizing veg thali places in Delhi.

New Bal Gopal Restaurant, Pandav Nagar

Opening Hours: 10:00am–04:00pm, 07:00pm–11:00pm
Located in: Near Mother Dairy
Address: E-1/6, Block D, N Pandav Nagar, near Hero Showroom, New Delhi, Delhi 110092
Nearest Metro Station: Mayur Vihar-I

For those who are looking for a pure vegetarian restaurant in Delhi that serves the best North Indian thali without a doubt can go to the New Bal Gopal Restaurant. This small restaurant is just opposite the Mother dairy. You will have the option of thali in their menu like normal and deluxe thali. The price of thali will not hurt your pocket. You can even change the naan option and can change the butter naan with tandoori roti. The thali has a mouth-watering paneer dish, their naans are very soft and will not get hard with the time.

New Goyal Eating Point, Laxmi Nagar

Opening Hours: 11:00am–04:00pm, 07:00pm–11:00pm
Located in: Shakarpur, Delhi
Address: M-36, Laxmi Nagar, Block S1, Nanakpura, Shakarpur, Delhi, 110092
Nearest Metro Station: Laxmi Nagar

This place is a hidden gem in Delhi, to find it we would suggest you add the above address from Laxmi Nagar metro station in google map to easily find the place. They have a variety of dishes on their menu. Not only their north Indian veg thali is appetizing but every dish is finger-licking delicious. After order, you will get your food on the table in no time. 

You will not find any fancy environment, this restaurant is just a normal Dhaba style with proper sitting arrangement. 

Suruchi Restaurant, Karol Bagh

Opening Hours: 11:00am–04:00pm, 07:00pm–11:00pm
Located in: Ajmal Khan Rd, New Delhi
Address: 98, 15A/56, WEA Karol Bagh Near Metro Pillar, 99, Ajmal Khan Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110005
Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

It is the most famous restaurant in Karol bagh. You can easily reach there from Karol bagh metro station. They serve food in three different categories: Punjabi, Rajasthani, and Gujarati. The north Indian thali they serve is worth a try, if you are visiting this restaurant we would suggest you go empty stomach. The quantity of food they serve will be enough for you. You will get served until your stomach will get full. Suruchi restaurant in Karol bagh has trained and well-behaved staff members. 

Grover Sweets & Restaurant, Subhash Nagar

Opening Hours: 09:00am–11:00pm
Located in: Subhash Nagar, New Delhi
Address: WZ-40/2, Meenakshi Garden, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi
Nearest Metro Station: Subhash Nagar

This is my best place to have my meal, the place is very neat and clean that serves a variety of food items. Their menu has 2 thali “Deluxe thali and Super Deluxe thali”.

Deluxe Thali: 2 Laccha paratha, Dal makhani, Shahi paneer, rice and raita (Note: items may be subject to change with the time)

Super Deluxe Thali: 1 Laccha paratha, 1 butter naan, Dal makhani, Shahi paneer, mix veg, rice,raita, achaar, salaad + sweet dish (Note: items may be subject to change with the time).

I bet you would not regret your decision of ordering any of the above thali. Besides thali, this restaurant offers the best chole bhature in Delhi.

Gupta Foods, Connaught Place

Opening Hours: 08:00am–11:00pm
Located in: Connaught Place, New Delhi
Address: N-47, Middle Cir, Block N, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk

The quality of food they serve is enough and the price is reasonable. Their north Indian thali is awesome to eat. The food is very well cooked, the ambiance is good but the place is very small. For the foodies, waiters’ ignorance and slow serving will work for them, but on a serious note, it needs to be improved to retain the customers. 

The north Indian thali at Gupta foods in CP is very yummy. If you are hungry and looking for only pocket-friendly food in Connaught place. 

Their menu is flooded with lots of delicious food that are pocket friendly. 

Thali: Shahi Paneer, Dal makhani, raita/sweet, 2 plain naan, pulao, salad, pickle

Super Thali: Shahi Paneer, Dal makhani, mix veg, 2 laccha paratha / 2 butter naan pulao, raita, 1 gulab jamun, salad, pickle

Deluxe Thali: Shahi Paneer, malai kofta, dal makhani, 1 aloo paratha, 1 laccha paratha, 2 gulab jamun, raita, salad, pickle

Thali Regular: Shahi Paneer, mix veg, Dal makhani, 2 laccha paratha, raita, 1 gulab jamun, jeera rice, salad, pickle

Note: Items may be subject to change with the time, we do not take responsibility for the exact quantity. At the time of writing the article, these items were available.