Clever Goal Tracker Apps that will Help You Accelerate Your Growth


Goals are what take us forward in life and are the first steps to every journey we take to achieve something. It’s very important that you realize the importance of goal-setting and apply this knowledge in your life. Apart from setting goals it is also important to take the required steps forward to achieve these goals. But in this today’s fast-paced life, most of us often focus on organizational goals instead of our own. We are so busy all the time that we forget to look after ourselves spiritually, physically and mentally.

To make life easier and maintain self-discipline to stick to your goals all you need is a goal setting app. There are a number of apps that will help you to systemize your routine and set your goals and further it will never let you to forget your destination. These apps help to track the goals in such a way that you can more closely monitor your strengths, weaknesses, and what steps you should take to improve your journey.


GoalsOnTrack app makes it easy to manage your goals, work on tasks, stick to habits, and keep a journal on your smartphones. The app offers a comprehensive set of tools to guide you through a successful goal achieving process. You can easily set goals, creating action plans, tracking progress, to forming habits and keeping goal journals and finally reaching your goals.


Strides is one of the popular Goal & Habit Tracker App. It helps Track all your Goals & Habits in one flexible app. It Enables users to Track anything good or bad habits, smart goals with reminders and charts to keep you motivated. The All-in-one habit tracker is free up to three goals and costs $5/month for unlimited goals. Also set your goals with different category such as Health, finance, hobbies, business, relationships, or custom category.


Habitica is a community-focused app that turns to-do lists into a Role-Playing Game. The app basically offers two kinds of tasks: 1. Repeated tasks – which can be good habits or bad habits, and 2. one-time tasks – like a traditional to-do list.

Way of Life

Way of Life is a beautiful, habit tracker app that motivates you to build a stronger and healthier you. It takes less than a minute daily to track, identify, and change your habits with Way of Life. Set reminders that will keep you on track until good habits are formed or bad habits broken. The app provides diary function to quickly jot down what triggered a bad habit and let you easily spot positive and negative trends ranging over weeks, months or even years with the help of charts.


ATracker is a time tracking app and helps in Managing your time, easily. The app supports one tap to start / stop time tracking. The bar or pie charts features helps to analyse where your time went and overview of today’s time spending on the Today tab. Users can easily group tasks by tags and set alarm for activities which will sound even when the app is not running


The above handful list of goal tracker apps, helps user to accomplish their goals.  These goal tracker options offer wonderful and tangible results for you to get what you want and accelerate your growth.