Exciting & Awesome Things to do in Woodstock

Things to do in Woodstock

When you visit a place, you want to enjoy every bit of it in a limited amount of time as you can’t live there forever. As a traveller, it is tiresome to search the attractions of any place you are going to visit. You might get confused about how to enjoy and do things in a place. Woodstock, which is a famous place, has a variety of things to explore. So, we will discuss Woodstock in detail from origin to all kinds of awesome things to do in Woodstock.

About Woodstock

The origin of this town dates back to 1787 but first ever known natives settled in Woodstock around the 1770 era. It is located in Ulster County, New York (US). This place is a hub of diverse culture. The natives and cultures of this place are peaceful yet bustling. You should make a list of how to enjoy your time in Woodstock. Read further to know about all the cool things you can do to make your journey memorable.

All the Things to do in Woodstock

There are many awesome things to do in Woodstock for you if you like to explore things with a new kind of perspective. You will meet visitors with the same enthusiasm as you. Woodstock can be an enjoyable experience if you do things in the right direction. Let’s see what we can do here:

1. Explore the Farms

There are a lot of farms in Woodstock due to their origin in farmlands. You might find cows which are common to be found grazing there. Sunfrost Farm is quite a popular one where you witness harvesting and fresh foods coming on your plate directly from the farms. Vegetables, fruits, and flowers add colour to the farms. You should definitely spend time on this farm in Woodstock.

2. Feel Colours of Nightlife

The cafes, clubs, bars and streets fill the darkness of night with colourful lights. To enjoy this night time at Woodstock, you should visit The Rosendale Cafe which is known for its delicious vegetarian food and spatial performance stage. Next one is Keegan Ales, popular as Beer paradise for drinkers. The line up of beers has every variety for you to try.

3. Befriend Cows

Cows roam the streets of Woodstock as it is a farm area. Feed the cows and make them your friends. One of the most awesome things to do in Woodstock is spending time with farm animals. Dogs and cows can be found everywhere. They do not harm anyone, just casually chill there.

Things to do in Woodstock

4. Eat a Perfect Brunch

Woodstock is known for its organic farm food, this is why it is fresh and nutritious. To satisfy your tastebuds, you should enter The Prince & the Pauper Restaurant to eat your brunch. Bean burgers, risotto are its speciality. Another food place is Red Rooster at the Woodstock Inn & Resort where you can eat your favourite cuisine made from organic and fresh farm vegetables.

5. Pray and Meditate

Woodstock is home of Tibetan Buddhist Monastery ‘Karma Triyana Dharmachakra’. Visit this place to experience spirituality and religion. You will be surprised to see this monastery and art. Monks will guide you in prayers. You should meditate here to make yourself feel light.

6. Hike around marvellous Mountains

The view of mountains in Woodstock is breathtaking. Overlook Mountain is expanded in a 590-acre area with forest towards the edge, and Indian Head Mountain is another famous mountain spot from where you will see the Hudson river flowing to meet the New York Bay. You should hike on these mountains.

7. Peacefulness at Lakes

Onteora Lake and Echo Lake are peaceful as well as beautiful lakes to spend time with your loved ones. After hiking through the mountain, sit near these lakes to feel relaxed. You can swim here and have a good get together.

Things to do in Woodstock

8. Praise arts at Woodstock Festival

With the vision of peace and unity, Woodstock Music & Art Festival has been hyping the generation since the late 60s. Not only does this festival bring different cultures together, it promotes fraternity among them. Despite the differences and diversities around the world, people of the same interests in art and music celebrate Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Things in this festival are not limited to a specific genre but you will find a diverse range of utopian art through songs, dance, conversations and paintings. People find home in here. This festival will be held in March of 2023 in Nanga Road, Dwellingup.

Woodstock is diverse in cultural aspects. While you explore the farms, food and natives will come your way and meet you. During exploration of nightlife, you will meet new friends. Music and Art enthusiasts and artists will be united here at the Woodstock Festival to hype the crowd. That’s why you need to put the name of Woodstock in your travel bucket list.