Endless Possibilities Of How To Tie An Infinity Scarf

how to tie an Infinity Scarf

While we always work on our outfits to look good, we need to rely on versatile clothing as you can’t spend money on outfits for different days. But there are ways to rotate your outfits and still look fresh. Infinity Scarf is one of those clothing items to help you. There are multiple ways on how to tie an Infinity Scarf. You can creatively wear these scarfs and create perfect outfits with it.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about infinity scarves.

How versatile is the Infinity Scarf?

An accessory or a clothing item, whatever you call it, infinity scarf works as both because of its endless possibilities to tie and style it. This clothing item has no end, just a loop. Your neck area looks perfect with this. It can be worn with tops, floral dresses, cardigans, gowns and drapes. Winter scarves can also become caps and mufflers. Summer style boho infinity scarves can also be worn as a veil, hood and vest. Isn’t it surprising how this one piece of cloth has so many infinite possibilities just like its name? Average length of an infinity scarf is around 60 inches. You can find these scarves in a variety of fabrics such as: Cashmere, pashmina, marino, cotton, silk, linen, polyester, georgette, acrylic, chiffon, etc. This means you have an infinity scarf for any season of winter or summer. From casual to urban style, you can accessorize it in any way. It is available in the market and can be crocheted with hooks and wool at home by your granny or mother too. Since you are familiar with this thing, let’s know how we can wear or accessorize it around our neck.

how to tie an Infinity Scarf

A guide on how to tie an Infinity Scarf in multiple ways

You need to experiment in fashion as you cannot go with the same style for your entire life. Trends change, styles change and your body changes too. Here the infinity scarf is one of the fashion items to change your style. So, this is a step-by-step guide on how to tie an Infinity Scarf, just follow our steps and change your fashion game.

  1. Since it has no ends, you need to do everything with two loops of this scarf. Tie the entire infinity scarf around your neck just like you do with mufflers.
  2. Now create a halter look with both folded ends of your scarf.
  3. Tie is around your neck like you are wrapping one end on another.
  4. Make sure your scarf is perfectly sitting on your neck without getting loose.
  5. Grasp the loop with both hands to equal the size on each side.
  6. Tighten both ends against each other.
  7. You will get a V shape and halter look.
  8. Tie it with a magnet or clip.
  9. There is no need to tie any end as it is already endless.

These steps were specifically for halter and wrap infinity scarf look. You can do the same steps to create a casual muffler look, double loop look or hood look. Not only this, you can wear this scarf as a top, vests, hood, veil, shawl and muffler. These mentioned steps are common with all infinity scarves and their style. You just have to experiment again and again to perfect this style.

This game is all about connecting the loops in a creative way. You can even wear this scarf as a turban or bandana. For this look, opt for lightweight fabric not the woollen one.

Try these outfit combinations

Since all infinity scarves are available in variety, from winter to summer types. You can plan your outfit accordingly.

  • For winters, scarves are needed most to keep your neck and ears warm and cozy. Try wool and fur scarves with your cardigan and denims with high heel boots.
  • During summers, pick bohemian infinity scarves as they are lightweight and make you look colourful due to their patterns. Try earrings with it and curly or wavy hair would do the magic.
  • For a casual look, try simple cotton or silk infinity scarves with no patterns with your top and pants.
  • For urban style, you can wear a chiffon scarf with crop top and denim jeans. Add ankle strap heels and metallic earrings.

how to tie an Infinity Scarf

After knowing everything about how to tie an Infinity Scarf, you can try all the ways and combinations to change your style and notice the results. Neck is the base of your face, you should accessorize it according to your outfit. Make sure you do not overdo the things. As you already know, if an infinity scarf is already there on your neck, any neck piece won’t be noticeable. Just keep this thing in your mind.