The window regulator does not work: reasons, what to do, useful tips


The window regulator is an important part of the car, which even budget vehicles are equipped with. It is an automatic window-lifting mechanism. Over time, a component of the electrical circuit can fail, which will lead to certain difficulties. It is necessary to determine the causes that lead to the breakdown. You will also have to figure out what to do if the power window does not work. In this article you will find answers to these questions, however, if you want to sell a junk car in Louisville or somewhere else, Junk Cars Us can help you.

Causes of window regulator breakage

The malfunction of the mechanism may be due to the negative effects of the liquid. The door of the vehicle is considered to be airtight, but sometimes electrical components can short-circuit under the influence of condensate. If the car has been in deep water for a long time, this will lead to the fact that the power window unit does not work.

Difficulties can also arise after an accident. The window lifting mechanism may completely fail or begin to function incorrectly. The same situation is possible when using defective or low-quality components.

When the window lifter is not working, an electrical breakdown can be assumed. It is considered the most simple, so fixing it is easy.

Why do electrical failures happen:

  1. Poor contact on the opening button. As a rule, there is insufficient contact in the switching device. Erased or oxidized power structures that are on the board, they lose their ability to conduct current in the circuit.
  2. Fuse failure. In the event of a sudden jump in the machine circuit, the element may burn out.
  3. Damage to the gearbox or motor. The contact group on the motor may oxidize, and burn out the brushes.

You can identify the exact cause if you contact the service station. Mechanical defects of the mechanism are also possible. Among them, one can distinguish a cable break, bent levers or guides, sticking of the mechanism due to lack of lubrication, or failure of the gear of the gearbox. All of the above damage can be eliminated by disassembling the door. The owner of the car will have to buy broken components in order for the power window to start working properly.

Sometimes the glass suddenly stops opening, although before that it was completely serviceable. This can be explained by two reasons. 

  1. The first is low air temperature. The accumulated moisture freezes in the areas where the glass adjoins the door. The lifting mechanism may be covered with ice. This will cause the glass to not open, but the problem will go away when the ice melts. 
  2. The second reason is the ingress of a foreign object between the door and the glass. This will cause the window regulator to stick.

To solve the problem, you often have to disassemble the door. This is the only way to find out why the power window does not work and then fix the problem.

What to do if the window regulators of the driver doors do not work?

Drivers experience significant inconvenience if they cannot raise or lower the glass. You have to quickly look for a solution to the problem since the car will be difficult to operate in the presence of this malfunction. Often, drivers turn to service stations in order to entrust the matter to professionals. If a motorist decides to do repairs on his own, he will have to familiarize himself with possible ways to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting methods for different window regulators are similar. A specific solution to the problem depends on what kind of breakdown occurred. You need to start with a diagnosis. This will determine the exact cause and then decide what to do.

It is necessary to check the fuse on the power window, then try to lift the glass from a separate button and from the main control unit. If a signal comes from the block, then the problem is with the button. Listen to understand if the motor is running. When the gearbox is functioning, but the glass does not rise, you will have to disassemble the door. Often the reason lies in the malfunction of the lifting mechanism.

When the driver’s window regulator does not work, the control button may need to be replaced. In this case, it is not necessary to remove the entire door trim. It is enough to remove the top cover of the button, after which you will have access to the mechanism with wires.

You can remove the plugs with a sharp knife. It is necessary to inspect the contact group of the button and check the wires. They could fall out of contact. It is recommended to ring the element with a multimeter. When current passes through the circuit, the problem is caused by oxidation of the contact group. You should clean the contacts, then solder the wires. If the button does not conduct electricity, you will have to install a new one.

What to do if the window regulators of the passenger doors do not work?

You may encounter a situation where the window regulators of the passenger doors do not work. The troubleshooting methods discussed above apply to them. It may also be necessary to eliminate one of the mechanical failures.

Ways to repair the window regulator in different cases:

  1. Rope broke. You’ll have to replace it with a new element.
  2. Damaged gear on the gearbox. Repairing a detail is pointless. If it is cracked or worn off, it will have to be replaced with new gear.
  3. The grease has dried up. It is worth removing the entire assembly, cleaning it, lubricating it, and returning it to its place.
  4. The guides are bent. This usually happens after an accident. Guides must be adjusted or replaced with new ones.

Many malfunctions can be quickly eliminated, the main thing is to correctly identify the malfunction.

Wrapping up

Drivers often face problems with window regulators. Problems can be both minor and major. If you are the owner of an old car that constantly breaks down and are thinking about buying a new car, then Junk Cars Us will help you make this dream come true. The company specializes in buying old, burnt, drowned, junk cars. You can be sure that the process of selling a car will be quick and safe.