The Best Website Visitor Tracking Software for 2021

Website Visitor Tracking Software

Are you managing a business? Do you want to maximize your business website and increase its reach? Then one of the most important steps to make your site more effective is customer tracking. As more consumers shop online because of the pandemic, the more you need to use your website wisely. Are you struggling to get your numbers up? Consider investing in website visitor tracking software.

This type of software helps you track the behavior of your site’s visitors. In turn, you can analyze their preferences and other attributes. This will make it easier for you to create more effective marketing strategies.

Moreover, tracking your visitors is one of the most important web metrics you need to stay on top of. So, what are the best website visitor tracking software tools worth using?

Continue reading below for some of the best ones so far in 2021. 


This website visitor tracking software will boost your sales team’s lead-generation efforts. It identifies and tracks visitors to tie them up back to their respective company names.

From there, it can give you the contact details of the companies where the site visitors come from. With this information, your sales team can identify the visitors for lead conversion.

Also, you can integrate Leadfeeder with some of the leading CRMs. These include Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. If your sales team uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator, they can also add to their outreach process.

Google Analytics

If you’re looking for an app that’s free, Google Analytics is a viable option to consider. Although it’s not as powerful as the paid options, it still provides strong features and tools. Google Analytics is especially strong for start-ups.

With Google Analytics, you can analyze your visitors’ behavior and track your conversions. You can also attribute the source of your website traffic. Moreover, you can identify the devices your visitors use when they check out your website.

You can also get a view of the new and returning site visitors. This way, you can see if your website is attracting new customers for possible conversion.

Though Google Analytics is free, you may not find it to be user-friendly at the start. You will need to spend more time to understand and master how to analyze them efficiently.

Crazy Egg

Shifting back to another paid option, here’s Crazy Egg. This website visitor tracking tool uses click maps and heatmaps called Snapshots.

Through these Snapshots, you can deep-dive into your visitors’ behavior. Aside from heatmaps, you also have scroll maps. This tells you how far visitors scroll through a web page before moving to another.

Another great feature includes the confetti report. This feature allows you to examine your click data. It analyzes your data across 22 different visitor characteristics.


If you want to improve the output of your support teams, consider investing in FullStory. It detects specific issues in your site related to navigation in your website. It also finds the key areas affecting your business revenue and retention rates.

From there, you can address issues in these areas accordingly. As the name of the tool implies, you will get a “full story” about what your visitors are all about. This is crucial, especially if you’re into the B2B business.

FullStory can help you identify who your visitors are as well as the pages they visit. You can also find the number of views and the time they spend on each page.


As the name implies, Leady focuses on boosting your lead-generation initiatives. It takes visitor identification a notch higher. Leady works by identifying both the company and individual visitors.

From there, you can add the information to your CRM for a more precise analysis. Like FullStory, it comes with features that B2B businesses. This is especially useful for lead-generation purposes.


If you need to measure how effective your website’s new features are, Mixpanel is the tool you need. This tool lets you measure the success of your site’s latest features.

The great thing about Mixpanel is that it presents data visually. This means you will have an easier time interpreting certain data. You can also find the specific areas where your site’s features need some tweaking.

Also, it tracks visitor behavior through its User Profiles feature. It gives you vital information on your visitors concerning their identity and background. Additionally, Mixpanel helps identify specific pain points in your site.


For companies that want to improve their marketing efforts, UserTesting is a tool you want to use. UserTesting tracks website visitors in a more qualitative manner. You can get complete session recordings of your visitors as they navigate your site.

You can also identify the specific tasks they are doing while navigating your web pages. Through these session recordings, you get a better understanding of their behaviors.

Other website visitor tracking software offers session replays. Hence, it is best to discover what works well with your strategies.


Last but not least is Kissmetrics, which goes beyond behavioral analytics. This tool also offers visitor segmentation and email campaign automation. Best of all, it is a user-friendly platform perfect for those who are new to website management.

Through its focus, you can increase your conversions faster. You can also boost customer engagement and improve your retention rate.

Furthermore, it uses a cohort analysis, which lets you use the behavior of real users. From there, you can identify quality leads and connect with your valuable clients.

Complement Your Website Visitor Tracking Software

What happens if you use some of the best website visitor tracking software? You can improve your site’s performance and effectiveness. It’s also possible to strengthen your connection with current and prospective customers. 

Depending on your budget and needs, you can use any of the following in this list. There are many benefits of website visitor tracking. However, we’ll discuss that topic in another guide. 

Check out our other articles where we discuss the benefits and other kinds of software. Complement your tracking software tools and take your site to the next level.