Pain Management Made Easier with Regenerative Medicine

Pain Management with Regenerative Medicine

How do you deal with pain whenever it comes? Whether physical or emotional, it is an awful feeling that you are prone to experience at some point in your life. Physical pain may limit your mobility affecting your daily work activities. Having a way to manage and relieve the pain is essential to resume your daily routine as soon as you can. Samwell Institute for Pain Management specializes in providing extensive physical pain medicine and rehabilitation techniques to relieve your pain and enhance your health. Led by Jay Shah, MD, the practice offers several pain management solutions, including regenerative medicine in Livingston and Colonia, New Jersey. Call or book online today to schedule your appointment. Read on further to know about pain management with regenerative medicine.

The pain medicine practice offers long-lasting pain-relieving solutions from non-opioid treatments. The interventional pain management treatment team provides effective treatments for various chronic pain conditions, such as back pain, injuries, arthritis pain, and other pain conditions. They use the latest in advanced techniques to provide the most exceptional results. The highly experienced pain medicine expert uses regenerative medicine to alleviate your pain and better your life, successfully. Visit them today for a pain-free life.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine involves the techniques to replace and repair damaged cells and tissues. The treatments involve developing new cells through stimulating natural body healing abilities and the use of stem cells.

Regenerative medicine uses non-invasive techniques to provide natural, long-lasting, and fast solutions to various chronic pain conditions.

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What conditions can regenerative medicine treat?

Some of the problems regenerative medicine can provide effective treatments for include:

  •       Spinal cord injuries
  •       Osteoarthritis
  •       Rheumatoid arthritis
  •       Multiple sclerosis
  •       Parkinson’s disease
  •       Type 1 diabetes

What are the types of regenerative medicine?

At Samwell Institute for Pain Management, Dr. Shah offers two regenerative medicine treatments, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cells.


In this method, your provider uses a small amount of your blood to enable your body to heal your injuries. He extracts, separates, and concentrates your blood, enhancing its growth factors, and producing plasma. Then he reinjects the blood into your injured tissue to promote healing.

Stem cells

Stem cells have the power to regenerate various types of cells. Stem cell therapy involves using the available stem cells in the bone marrow, concentrating their needed critical components, and transplanting them to the damaged area to enhance healing through tissue regeneration. Since it’s your blood used, there is no risk of rejection. The procedure is highly effective and safe, with no downtime. The healing process may take two to three months to complete or even less.

What are the benefits of regenerative medicine?

One of the advantages of using regenerative medicine over other treatments is that it involves non-surgical techniques, reducing your risk of complications and recovery time. Other benefits include

  •       Minimal recovery time
  •       no risk of rejection
  •       no disease transmission
  •       no use of general anesthesia
  •       it’s an outpatient treatment, and you can return to your routine the same day
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In conclusion, regenerative medicine is an emerging field of medicine that enhances the body’s natural healing process. At Samwell Institute for Pain Management, Dr. Shah uses regenerative medicine techniques to repair injured tissues and cells, thus relieving pain. Visit the practice today for safe and effective treatments and long-lasting results.