What is Dermalax used for?


When discussing highly efficient dermal fillers, Dermalax stands out as one of the premier brands within the field, occupying the thoughts of seasoned and accredited cosmetic surgeons. This comes as no surprise considering its development and production are overseen by the reputable medical device company Across, specializing in the creation of reliable and safe Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products, akin to those found in the Revolax and Dermalax product lines. Hailing from South Korea and nestled within Hugel Pharma’s conglomerate, Across swiftly established itself as the go-to choice for top-tier HA fillers across an expanding list of countries.

Dermalax represents a robust line of dermal fillers originating from South Korea. These premium anti-aging products are already available under different aliases like Revigance and Hyalsense in multiple countries around the world. Irrespective of your location, Skin Heal stands ready to provide you with these high-quality rejuvenation solutions at a cost-effective price, accompanied by swift international shipping.

An Extensive Range of Dermal Filler Solutions

It seems that the number 3 and Dermalax share a mysterious bond, like a horse and a carriage. This product range excels in treating facial depressions and wrinkles across all three layers of the dermis: superficial, medium, and deep. The Hugel company, responsible for designing and manufacturing these pure soft-tissue fillers, boldly claims that they outperform their competitors threefold, offering superior performance, enhanced comfort, and greater variety. Each product in this range contains 3mg/ml of Lidocaine, ensuring that Dermalax filler injections are optimized for a pain-free and comfortable cosmetic rejuvenation experience. This is especially crucial for treatments involving professional HA-based dermal fillers, as maintenance appointments are typically required every few months to sustain anti-wrinkle results. However, these innovative Dermalax products offer a longer-lasting effect, with a lifespan of approximately 12 months or even more.

Dermalax – Revolutionary HA Fillers for Wrinkles, Lips, and Sculpting

The Dermalax family comprises four next-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler injections, renowned for their outstanding quality and exceptional value. Each of them serves a distinct purpose, swiftly addressing various issues, from the correction of shallow wrinkles like perioral and periorbital lines and worry lines to handling medium and deep folds, such as nasolabial folds and eye bags. These reliable anti-aging skin fillers achieve this by adding natural-looking volume to the treated areas, effectively reshaping facial contours and enhancing skin texture. This volumizing effect also makes these products suitable for a wide range of minimally invasive facial augmentation procedures, including those for the lips, nose, cheeks, and chin.

What is special about this product?

Dermalax lip filler presents a wealth of cutting-edge solutions for skin rejuvenation and painless facial sculpting treatments. These have been meticulously designed for administration at varying skin depths – the epidermis, dermis, or subcutaneous tissue. The selection of professional-grade filler injections addresses a diverse range of unique indications and properties. These versatile solutions can be skillfully administered into different facial areas, including the nose, cheeks, the regions around the eyes, chin, lips, or the perioral zone. Their effects encompass the swift eradication of wrinkles and folds, spanning the spectrum from superficial to deep, as well as the immediate enhancement of facial contours, including lip augmentation, chin, cheeks, and nose refinement.

Their Monophasic Blob Structure sets these groundbreaking soft-tissue fillers apart, an innovation unmatched by other products in the same category. This distinctive structure ensures the implant gel’s uniform, dense texture, facilitating a smooth and effortless injection process. This is welcome news for both practitioners and patients alike. Furthermore, these skin rejuvenation treatments boast remarkable durability, with results lasting approximately 12 months, offering a natural appearance while minimizing the risk of overcorrection. Dermalax Plus maintains its soft base for 8 to 12 months, while the Implant can endure for over 18 months. These fillers exhibit exceptional resistance to the body’s enzymes, yet remain entirely safe and biodegradable. It’s worth noting that the effect may vary depending on factors such as lifestyle, metabolism, and diet.

In contrast to invasive procedures like plastic surgery, chemical peels, or laser therapy, Dermalax treatments are minimally invasive. This translates to a swift recovery period post-treatment, coupled with a 100% guarantee of biological safety. This assurance is rooted in the fact that no animal testing has been conducted on these solutions, and their ingredients are entirely free from animal-derived components, leaving little room for adverse effects.

Since dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid are administered through injections, anti-wrinkle treatments typically proceed swiftly. However, they can be mildly uncomfortable, prompting some experienced cosmetic surgeons to employ a local anesthetic. Notably, Dermalax negates the need for this, as its patient-friendly filler injections incorporate 3% lidocaine.

Dermal Cosmetics boasts a well-stocked inventory of Dermalax fillers. So, whether your desire is for the Plus variant to swiftly address fine lines, the Deep Plus to eliminate moderate to deep wrinkles and folds, or the Implant Plus to temporarily reduce severe folds, we are committed to helping you acquire precisely what you seek, all at an unparalleled competitive price.


Dermalax, a South Korean company that has gained global prominence under several names such as Revigance and Hyalsense, emerges as a notable competitor in the field of dermal fillers. Dermalax’s distinctive qualities set it apart from the competition, offering a broad selection of solutions developed to appeal to a variety of anti-aging demands.

The Dermalax line not only efficiently tackles face depressions and wrinkles throughout all three dermal layers, but it also stands out for its excellent Lidocaine content, which ensures a pain-free and enjoyable experience during cosmetic rejuvenation. This feature reduces the need for regular maintenance treatments, making it an appealing option for people looking for long-term anti-wrinkle benefits.

Moreover, Dermalax’s four new-generation Hyaluronic Acid filler injections provide great quality at an affordable price. These multi-purpose cosmetics add natural-looking volume while altering face features and improving skin texture. Because of this volumizing effect, they can be used in various less invasive face augmentation techniques.

Overall, Dermalax is an appealing alternative for anyone wishing to improve their looks and battle the effects of aging. Its reputation for producing excellent results, as well as its dedication to patient comfort and pleasure, makes it a name to watch in the field of cosmetic rejuvenation.