Moving abroad? Here’s what you need to remember


Moving to a new place gives new possibilities and a chance to change your life for the better. When you are moving abroad, you are making a revolution in your life, and it might be challenging, exciting and scary at the same time. Throughout the whole process, it’s easy to miss some important things, lose track of what’s essential and get confused in the chaos of moving abroad. Find out what you need to remember and what can make the whole experience even more thrilling.

Start before moving out

Planning, organizing and keeping everything under control is a long and complicated process. Start taking care of your moving out long before you start packing your things. The earlier you get things going, the better the whole process will be. It’s not unusual to start planning and getting familiar with the new place even six months beforehand. Start by doing some research on your destination, especially if you are entering a completely new culture. Find out as much as you can about all the aspects of life that will concern you. It includes economy, taxes, laws, education and culture. Read, educate yourself and be prepared to have the smoothest transition possible.

The number of institutions, different aspects and places you will need to research might turn out to be overwhelming. That’s why it is far better to start as early as possible, to have enough time to take it all step by step. Think through the first weeks of your new life and analyze, one by one, what you will need and what obstacles might appear. Then write it down and make the appropriate research to be prepared.


Undeniably, the first thing that you will need is new accommodation. Whether you are searching for something to rent or a house to buy, don’t leave this aspect to the last possible moment. Finding a place to stay in a foreign country might be demanding and tiresome. If you feel like it’s a task way above your strength at the moment, you can always make use of local relocation consultants or realtors to search the real estate market for you. 

Financial planning

Money is something that you will definitely use on an everyday basis, no matter the place you move to. That’s why it’s worth taking care of financial matters right from the start. You will obviously need a bank account. Depending on various aspects, you need to choose an offer that will meet all your needs and criteria. If you will be working remotely at an international company or at the same place as before, you might need an appropriate bank account to avoid high fees and currency conversion. You will also need a local bank account for your day-to-day errands and payments, so make sure to compare the offers.


You need to remember that healthcare is not universal and not the same for all countries across the globe. Even your health insurance might not be respected in the hospitals and medical centers in your new place of residence. If you have enough time prior to your moving out, find information on the official websites of medical centers to avoid any unpleasant emergencies.  


During the process of preparing and packing items and personal belongings, you might forget about certain documents that, at some point, might turn out to be essential to get things done at your new place of living. Depending on the country of your choice, you might have tons of paperwork long before leaving the borders of your hometown. Some places require people to fill in a visa application, so make sure that you have it properly done if necessary before the day of your transfer. Sometimes, the applications might be rejected, and you need to try again or there might be a certain document missing. 

Among the documents that you might need in your new place of living are birth certificates, child custody papers, driver’s licenses, marriage certificates or divorce papers, medical records, school records and social security papers.

Day-to-day issues

Your new life will certainly be challenging at first, but try to feel like a local from the very beginning. This way, your transitions will be easier. Visit local shops, engage with local initiatives and spend time like locals. Even when it comes to entertainment, make use of the local attractions – including online ones. Whether it’s about streaming or playing video games or roulette in online casinos, choose the safe sites that the people of your new country use – no matter if you are moving to Europe or Thailand, pick a roulette game on safe sites like Asiabet and get engaged with the same entertainment as your new neighbors do. As the operators in all of these places try to get closer to the players and ensure their trust, you will find such reliable online roulette games, known in Thailand as เกมส์ รู เล็ ต คา สิ โน, so it’s a safe fun combined with learning a new language.