Mother (माँ) – A True Inspiration to Humanity


We call her maa (माँ), mom, mother, ammi, nene, mare, mae, ibu, madre, ana, mati, etc. She is the only person who carries us for the entire 9 months in her womb, and after nine months the human babies born are helpless and needy. It’s the mother who takes a whole and sole responsibility for her baby, before birth and after birth. She feeds her baby inside her womb and after birth she feeds her milk. 

After the first few days of delivery the breast produces the first creamy, rich, first milk that contains colostrum. It has all the nutrients for a newborn baby, it also boosts the immune system of the baby and protects him from outside bugs.

Mother (मॉं) is great because she is “The Mother”. No word can describe her greatness, it will take millions of years even billions to thank all mothers.

Through Our Eyes

She has always been our inspiration, our strength, role model, and a protector. The race of humanity is far far more ahead than the other living creatures on this planet is just because of the mother, from birth to her last breath she is always in affection with her child. Even the success and complexity of this social life are because in the beginning she taught her baby so much that the baby can become a social and culturally responsible person.

Mother as a Source of Inspiration

We all must have a source of inspiration in our life. A mother is someone restless in her entire life and she can do anything for her children. 

  • The mother cares for her children even if she falls ill.
  • She is someone who understands your problem, even if you do not express it but she still understands it.
  • Even if she does not hold any degree or have professional knowledge, she makes you capable in this world.
  • She fights for your dream and even forgets her dream.
  • Sometimes you shout at her just because you are upset, but she did not lose her temper and understands your problem like a best friend.
  • She always does everything for you, expecting nothing in return.
  • Mother (मॉं) is the solution to every problem, whether she is an illiterate or one of the top educated people on the planet.
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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers

भगवान हर जगह नहीं हो सकता है, इसलिए उसने मॉं को बनाया”

Mothers in Hindu Mythology

She is considered as Janani in Hindu mythology. All-time favorite mothers in Hindu mythology are Yashoda, Parvati, Kunti, Kaushalya, and many more.

Maa Sita (सीता माता): She was the better half of Bhagwaan Ram. She was the mother of two sons Luv and Kush, brought up alone not in the comfortable environment of Ayodhya but the forest in Rishi Valmiki’s ashram.

Hidimba: She was the wife of Pandava prince bhim, she was the single mother who bought her fearless child Ghatotkacha which plays an important role in Mahabharat.

Yashoda Maa (माँ यशोदा): We all know Yashoda was the foster mother of Lord Krishna. Krishna was the son of Devaki (देवकी) and brought up by Yashoda maa. We all know her affection towards Lord Krishna.

“God wanted to be born again and again on earth because of the love and affection of mother 

भगवान माँ के प्यार और स्नेह के कारण धरती पर बार-बार जन्म लेना चाहते थे”

Mother’s Day 

Do we think that a single day is enough to thank our mothers? Not at all even a single day, years, or a century is enough to pay our debt we have to our mothers. All-day is important for us to realize how valuable she is for us. It is our responsibility to understand her feelings and positively deal with it.