Choose a fashionable bob hairstyle for the season


Gone are the days when the bob hairstyle is only a straight-cut level bob that can only be worn by people with certain face shapes and hair textures. Stylists have improved the basic bob with cutting-edge modern shapes like the asymmetrical bob and the long front with short back bob hairstyles.

If you have had long hair your entire life and feel like a change a bob hairstyle is a good middle-of-the-range option. It is not too drastic, and you can begin with a longer bob, gradually cutting it shorter until you have your bob the length you want it to be. 

An even better option is to first buy a bob wig in hairstyle and see whether you like it before you go for the permanent chop!

There are so many bob wigs available you can pick from a range of straight, wavy, curly, or frizzy, and then there are the lengths. You can get a long bob, a medium bob, a jaw-length bob, or a short bob. 

If you want to try a bob wig in your natural color that is fine, but while you are thinking about changing your style, why not change your color too. Bob wigs come in every color imaginable, and the current trendsetters are ginger, gray, and platinum blond. These days fashion is your passion and just like you would change your clothes for a night out in the town, consider changing your hair!

The right bob length can accentuate your best facial features, for example, if you have a stunning jawline, go for a short bob hairstyle, and show that glamorous jaw you were blessed with.

With all the fabulous bob wigs available you are sure to find the right one for your personal fashionable style!

Short and curly bob wigs

Short and curly bob wigs like Halle Berry favors, are all the rage in London this season. Adding texture and volume to your hair as well as bringing a certain Hollywood glam girl into the mood!

This chic and trendy look is easy to manage, and you can confidently wear this hairstyle to the office as well as to the season’s parties. The short and curly bob is so perfect, if you buy the right cap size you never have to use adhesive.

Short Bob with bangs

This bob hairstyle is for the no-fuss woman that chooses class and perfection above all else. A short clean-cut bob with straight hair gives your wig a natural yet funky look. The bangs mean that the hairline is pre-plucked, so you don’t have to be concerned about getting the bangs perfectly straight. It is already done for you.

Bangs typically suit every face shape so whether you have a round, oval, square, or triangular face shape, this bob with bangs will look great on you.

Lace front human hair bob wig

The lace front bob wig is the perfect choice for a younger look. Since a lace front wig is carefully individually knotted close together it is perfect for any type of hair parting. A center forehead parting is perfect for a lace front bob and creates a look of innocence and the model of good behavior. 

This seamless hairline frames your face and looks so natural that it compliments any face shape and personality. Because no one can tell whether it is a wig or your real hair you will have the self-confidence and be self-assured to attempt things you would never have dreamed of before. Go for that job interview you had your eye on, or ask someone on a date! Just have fun and know you are looking great!

Straight-haired blonde bob

If you have always had dark hair or are African American you might never have considered blonde as a hair color. This is the fun of wearing a wig, especially a bob wig. You can try a short wig and go wild with a color you would never have dyed your hair. Sure, we’ve all heard the saying ‘blondes have more fun’, now is the season to try it out! Throw caution to the wind, my friend and select not only a straight bob, but add the cherry on the cake and make it blonde!

You only have to watch the Academy Awards each year to see which star is going to go blonde! There has never been a more trending color than blond and with a blonde bob wig, you get to try it out before you color your own hair. 

Can you imagine arriving at the office one Monday morning with your hair in a stunning blond straight hair wig? 

Final Thoughts…

The latest and greatest in fashion is the bob, gone are the 1920s when the bob was a boring one-length style that every housewife had. The millennium is the time to bring new glory to the bob do! Be the fashionista in your crowd that sets the trend this season!