How #boycott Twitter Trends Sinking Our Indian Companies?

How boycott Twitter Trends Sinking Our Indian Companies

It is truly said that “With great power comes great responsibility”, Even if it is a dialogue of a movie. This fits perfectly and accurately with power. Currently, power is not limited to just politics and money. This is an era of technology in which everyone has a digital device that is connected to a powerful thing and that is the Internet. This digital medium not only gives entertainment but also allows people to express their thinking.

Indian companies that use social media as a tool to promote and grow their business through social media marketing techniques, the same sometimes becomes harmful for their business. 

What is Hashtag(#)?

A hashtag that is prolonged with the symbol # is used to find specific posts on the social media platforms (only those who allow it as microdata). Here on the social media hashtag trend becomes power because hashtags trends are used by people to limelight the topics that need attention in front of the authorized body, media, common people, etc. But like we early said that power can be misused sometimes.

When Hashtags Trend Wrongly Used

The instance of misuse of hashtags is seen when a comment of Bollywood actor Amir Khan is misquoted that he gave in an interview. 

Actor Aamir Khan on Monday joined the debate over “rising intolerance” in India, saying his wife Kiran Rao had asked if they should move out of the country, as she feared for the safety of their children in a climate of insecurity.

It was not just limited to this but it was a beginning to use power in a bad direction due to which Indian companies suffered losses and will suffer further. 

But people forget these trends also affect those people who work in those companies. We forget that employment in the country was a problem and will remain. We have Culled out a list of Some #boycott Twitter trends that affect our Indian companies in reputation and business as well.

Boycott Snapdeal

Boycott Snapdeal

At that time Actor, Amir khan was a brand ambassador of Indian E-retail firm Snapdeal. The e-retail firm was aggressively competing with other established marketplace players. With the Amir Khan comment on rising intolerance in the country, snapdeal comes under fire on Twitter hashtag trend #boycottsnapdeal. Snapdeal users uninstalled the app and gave negative reviews on the play store. 

This hashtag trend on Twitter resulted in Amir khan losing his snapdeal contract. Not only the snapdeal contract but the Ministry of Tourism dropped Mr. Khan as the brand ambassador of their campaign that promotes tourism in India. 

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Boycott Hindustan Unilever/Boycott Brooke Bond

Boycott Brooke Bond

Most of us love to have a cup of coffee, for selling coffee powder and beans India is a competitive market with so many coffee brands looking to increase their market share. Brooke bond is an established brand of Hindustan Unilever with its large market share of Indian coffee/tea. 

The reason for the Twitter hashtag trend #boycotthindustanunilever #boycottbrookebond was due to an advertisement in which they intended to show that in Kumbh Mela older people are abandoned just because people do not want to care for them. Kudos to the Brooke Bond red label team who showed us this harsh reality and teaches us to hold the hand of those who made us and who we are.

Netizens firmly believe in the negative side or we can say they invent the wrong side of the story that has a strong aromatic fragrance of religious taste, which directly hits the wrong cord of the people. This results in the boycott trend of Hindustan Unilever and Booke bond, forgetting the fact that Hindustan Unilever employs thousands of people in India. 

Boycott Ola Cabs

Boycott Ola Cabs

An Indian ridesharing company ola cabs that have now added food delivery services. Ola cab as an Indian company is a competitor of American company Uber that offers the same services in India. 

#boycottOla #boycottolacabs trend started when one of the Ola cabs drivers has a personal opinion on the current Indian politics, that has some offensive remarks on our first prime minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. According to the driver, our first prime minister’s grandfather was a Muslim who converted to Hinduism to fool Indian people. Driver on checking the facts remarks “one of those anti-national people who find everything wrong with the government.” 

Well it is good to have your personal opinion in this case ola driver has its own opinion but also these drivers represent the brand so, it took no time for the trollers to add fuel to the fire that trend boycottOla, etc.

Boycott Surf Excel

Boycott Surf Excel

Whenever there will be an advertisement that has Hindu-Muslim unity, it will pitfall into controversy. The reason for Boycott Surf Excel trends on social media because in an advertisement they showed a Muslim kid is heading for the prayer in the mosque during the holi occasion. A young Hindu girl chooses to get the stain of holi to protect her young Muslim boy. Here comes the #boycottsurfexcel where the troller gives the wrong direction of this awesome advertisement, they showcase that namaaz is more important than holi festival.

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Boycott Zomato

Boycott Zomato

Zomato is the best Indian Food delivery company, serving 250 million Indians across 300 cities. Zomato not only serves in India but also serves in 24 countries. As a big brand Zomato, several times faces the #boycottzomato trend on Twitter for different reasons. When a person refuses to take his order from Zomato just because the delivery person was non-Hindu. In response, Zomato wrote, “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.” The word religion people did not like and boycott Zomato trends on Twitter. 

Boycott Tanishq

Boycott Tanishq

One of the biggest Jewellery brands of India “Tanishq” had to pull down the advertisement after #boycotttanishq trends on social media. Netizens did not like the concept at all because it showcases something that our Indian society is not ready for. The advertisement shows that a Muslim family is preparing for the traditional Hindu baby shower rituals for their pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law. People even threaten Tanishq showroom workers because they believe that the ad promotes “Love Jihaad”. In contrast to the boycott outrage on social media, Tanishq pulls down the advertisement.

Boycott Bingo

Boycott Bingo

The year 2020 witnessed several big losses in Indian Cinema be it late Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor, or Sushant Singh Rajput. People were shocked to hear that the Actor Sushant Singh Rajput suicided in his apartment due to several issues he was facing in this limelight industry. People feel connected with the SSR because he was a small-town boy that made his path with his sheer talent and without the support of any Bollywood godfather. 

The reason for #boycottbingo is related to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput although the advertisement does not seem harmless to anyone on the surface and does not have any direct reference to Sushant Singh itself. The fans misunderstand the ad and believe SSR is being “mocked” as Ranveer Singh in the advertisement is talking about physics, science, aliens, etc. 

Bottom Line!

For the IT cell workers, they might get paid high for these top trends to be put on social media. But as a person we cannot forget the fact that boycotting, avoiding these Indian companies not only affects the earnings, job security of the employees working on these companies but also it impacts the economic growth of the country.