Home Security Plans: How to Protect Your House

home security plans

In 2019, there were around 6,925,677 property crimes which show how important protecting your home is.

Burglars don’t only steal your valuable possessions, but, in the same cases, they can harm your loved ones. Because of this, you must take action and create robust home security plans to guarantee their safety.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here is how to protect your home.

Secure the Doors

If you’re not sure how to protect your home, start by checking your exterior doors. Make sure they have secure locks, the hinges are protected, and no one can reach through your letterbox.

You can also take preventative measures like installing a smart lock, a deadbolt, and getting a video doorbell that connects to your smartphone so you can see who’s outside when you’re not there.

Check the Windows

Another key tip for home protection is locking your windows. Note that many windows don’t have effective latches as they’re flimsy. If this is the case, get extra locks or key-operated levers so intruders can’t get in.

You can also install window bars, glass break sensors, and reinforce the glass with security film. Get in the habit of always locking your doors and windows otherwise your home will look like an easy target. And don’t forget to secure your pet door too!

Get a Dog

Note that this option is only if you have the time, money, and effort to look after a furry friend. Dogs are a big responsibility but they’re great at deterring burglars when they bark.

You needn’t get a special guard dog breed because small yappy dogs are often more effective than a large, quiet ones.

Light Up Your Yard

Aside from getting security dogs, you should also illuminate your yard as burglars don’t want to get caught on your property. Place these lights around your front and back yard, along any pathways, and near your garage.

Make sure you install motion-activated lights, keep them on a timer, and get an outdoor spotlight to deter break-ins.

Consider Your Garage

Many intruders enter the garage because you likely have valuable items stored there. Because of this, always lock both interior and exterior doors to keep your belongings safe.

You should also keep the garage opener in your home so the intruder can’t get it from your car. Note that if you use a security code for your garage then keep it a secret from everyone even your neighbors.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Aside from investing in security systems for your home, consider your home wireless network.

Tech-savvy intruders tap into your personal and financial information which can be devastating. Plus, if you use home automation then criminals can access this to enter your home. To prevent this, secure your wireless router, enable WPA2 encryption, and use a firewall so no one can break-in.

Remove Hiding Places

Your goal is to make it harder for intruders to encroach on your private property.

Make sure there aren’t any places for criminals to hide whether it’s behind dense shrubbery or a tall privacy fence. Instead, trim bushes around entryways and choose a fence with large gaps so you can spot any movement. Call Timber Ridge Fence Company to help you with the fence installation.

Invest in Safes

Invest in safes where you can store valuable jewelry, passports, and even a family heirloom. Find a model that has two locks on one safe, is portable, and is the perfect size to protect your belongings.

Safes are also the perfect place for gun protection so it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. But make sure you head to the shooting range for beginners and learn the safety technique and how to properly handle a firearm. Besides safes, it’s also important to accessorize your firearms with the right equipment. Safety is a concern, whether it comes to storage or actual shooting. An AR-15 carry handle rear sight is one of the first accessories gun owners should invest in. It’s not just a carry handle for your firearm. An AR-15 carry handle rear sight has two apertures for more precision for long-range and short-range shooting. Having a clearer view of what you’re shooting makes it safer.

Use Home Automation

Home automation gives you real-time alerts if there are signs of suspicious activity around your property. It also means you can control the system when you’re away so criminals aren’t tempted to break in.

For instance, schedule lights or your TV to turn on and off when you’re on vacation. You should also set up a video feed so you get a notification when someone’s walking up to your driveway or backyard.

Get a Security System

If you’ve got a security system, make it obvious to criminals. Post signs that you have set up alarms and a decal to deter criminals. Even if you don’t have a system, you can post fake signs to protect your home.

You should also regularly maintain your home security system by checking smoke detectors, cameras, and lights to ensure they’re in good working order.

Clear Out the Mailbox

Many homeowners overlook their mailbox but it can inform criminals that your property is easy to break into.

Mail piling is a sign that no one’s home so ask a friend or a trustworthy neighbor to collect your mail and keep it out of sight while you’re away. You can even request a temporary mail hold or forwarding if you contact the delivery company.

Another way to fool intruders is to leave a locked car in the driveway as it looks like someone’s home. You can even ask your neighbor to park their car there if they’re willing.

Those Are the Top Home Security Plans

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have home security plans to help you.

Check your doors and windows are secure, your security system is functioning well, and illuminate your outdoor space to thwart intruders. You should also consider getting a guard dog, home automation, and invest in a safe to store your valuables or firearm. Good luck!

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