5 Tips to Promote Your Local Business – Free Promotion Guide


Now, these days offline businesses are heading towards the online presence. They are moving towards getting a professional looking website for their business, it will give a unique identity to their brand at online space. 

For an online presence having a website is necessary, but the road does not end here. You need professional help to promote the website so that it can make the impact. One thing which must be kept in mind, technology, and awareness are not limited to you online. Keep in mind that your competitor will also follow the same path.

If you have a local business, then the website is the only source of marking tool for your local business.

What is Local SEO?

With the website, you can target the whole world to promote your online business. Local SEO on the other hand is promoted to rank higher in the local area. If you have a local shop or business and your customer visits you frequently. So having a website that targets your local customer requires promotion and that is called the Local SEO.

People now these days are searching for the product, service, etc near them and want the result as well as the service very fast. Local SEO requires a decent amount of effort in promoting brick-mortal or local service business.

Why is Local SEO Important?

You have suspended thousands of rupees in building a professional-looking website, but the main purpose of the website is not fulfilled yet. For that, you require a local SEO service for your website. 

Some facts that will tell why local SEO is very important for your website.

  • 50% of the people who searched the local business on their phone went to the physical location.
  • 50% of the people typed the local searched keyword is genuinely looking for that product and service near them.
  • 38% of the people searched on the Desktop or tablet do the same.
  • 50% of the people are using mobile phones to search for the local business address.

Several industries can get benefits from the local SEO like food restaurants, law firms, beauty parlors, doctors & clinics, plumbers, A.C repair service providers, etc. 

Snack Pack Results Vs Organic Search Results

When a search for the local keywords, you will notice two well-defined search result:

The “snack pack” results”

The “regular” organic results

When you do a local search you will notice boxed search results on the first page SERP followed by organic search results. This snack pack box displays the top listing that is relevant to the search query. 

Here in this content, I will guide you on 5 effective tips to promote your local business. It does not require any expertise in search engine optimization. These methods are free and only require your time and effort. 

Setup and Effectively USE Google My Business Listings

Listing your online business on Google my business listing is a very easy task. All you need is to have a Gmail id and the physical location of your local business. 

How to Setup Google My Business Listing?

Step 1. Open business.google.com or Google.com/business. 

Step 2. Sign in with your Gmail id.

Step 3. You can type the name if already existing or can add by clicking “Add your business to Google”

Step 4. Add the details like business name, address, operating hours, phone number, website link, etc.

Step 5. After filling all the details, Google will send you a confirmation code via courier to the address you have added. It will take around 12-15 days to reach the confirmation code to reach the destination and by this, your physical location and address will be verified. 

Once your business is verified on Google my business listing, you can add tags in it along with a description. This will be helpful in google map results, also for the generic as well as for the local keywords.

Below is an example: 

If you have good reviews on the Google business listing then there will be good chances that you will be on top of listing results. Google my business listing is one of the best ways for the local business to achieve their targets. 

Use Local Classified Ads Website

People search on the local classified websites to find any product or services they are looking for. These local classified websites have organized categories in it, where users can easily navigate throughout the website. 

If you are operating your business in a local area then listing your product or services then it is highly recommended to use the local classified ads website. It is very easy to post an ad for your product or services on these classified ads websites.

Follow the below steps to find local classified websites and post an ad in them:

Step 1. Use google search for finding and listing these classified websites

             For this use search query like >> “post ad” inurl:.co.uk

                                           “Boston” intitle:post free ad

Step 2. After listing down, open the website one-by-one. Register on these websites by just simply following the easy signup process.

Step 3. Make a unique and fresh description of the product or service that you are going to add on these classified websites. Add all the important details, like the product USP or service uniqueness, etc. The content should be appealing, which will encourage people to buy your product or service at a glimpse.

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Pro Tip: Never forget to add your contact details either in the description or the fields these classified websites provide. By this customer can easily contact you regarding your product or service.

Use Area Based Keywords

It is seen that the people looking for any product, service, or information they mostly use the area-specific keywords to search on Google or other search engines. Instead of using generic keywords, they tend to search for the local area/town or city-based keywords. 


If you have a website, then it will be better if you can add the meta title, description, and optimize the content based on local keywords. This will give search engines a better idea about the product or service you are promoting in a specific area.

Local Business Listing Websites

On these local business websites, you can easily list down your website. Like local classified websites, these local business listing websites are very effective in getting customers for your product or service. They are like telephone directories, your business will be listed in a categorical method. You need to add all the business details like name, address, year of establishment, phone number, email id, website URL, etc. 

Adding your business on these local business listings is not a hard task, you can simply follow the same steps like a classified website. The only difference you will get would be the details to be filled. 

Focus on Building Local backlinks

It is always advisable if you have a specific niche based or specifically targeted area business. The backlink created from the local links is more and more valuable than the link created from the other websites. It is advisable to build high-quality links from the CCTLD (country code top-level domain) as the SEO backlinks service from these domains signals the search engine about the target location of your business. This will help in improving the keyword ranking of your website in local search results.

It will hardly take 20-30 mins to list your business on the local business directories. Find them the same as classified sites.

Use google operator to easily find these websites:

“add your business” inurl:co.in


Following the above tips will help your business improve in the local searches. Improvement in the result will increase the chance for people to find your business very quickly. Your online business requires a local SEO strategy if you do not want to miss the perk of getting quality conversion through your website. Try to follow all local business promotion practices.


  1. Thanks for sharing the detailed article about local SEO. I agree with you definitely local SEO services are best for small-and-medium-sized businesses. I’m sure it will help search engine optimizer to boost their ranking in search engines.