Here’s Why Philips is Being Sued for its CPAP Machine


After using a CPAP machine developed by Philips, individuals reported cancer, lung issues, or other injuries. They are eligible to bring a Philips CPAP lawsuit in an effort to recover damages. Millions of Philips were recalled due to possible exposure to carcinogens and harmful chemicals. Many reputed law firms are helping the victims to file a Philips CPAP class action lawsuit. You can also join them if you have suffered damages from using the Philips CPAP machine.

Why Do People File Lawsuits Against Philips CPAPs?

PE-PUR present in the machine can cause various fatal diseases. These diseases can range from different forms of cancer to major respiratory illnesses. Considering this, the users of CPAP have begun to file lawsuits. The lawsuits are being filed on the basis of the claim that Philips manufactured a faulty machine and also did not provide adequate warning to the users regarding the negative effects associated with the use of the machine. The company had an obligation to notify the public of the risks. Therefore, the users want the company to compensate them for their losses. Even the internal tests of the company had demonstrated that the product was hazardous.

CPAP Machine Recall in 2021

Phillips recalled the machines in 2021. The company claimed that the machine could generate toxic substances due to PE-PUR that the users could inhale. People with sleep apnea are looking for alternatives to Philips CPAP due to the recall and health hazards. The company had also declared that all the faulty products would be recalled or replaced. However, it was discovered that the new foam used by the company was still hazardous. 

Philips claims that using ozone-cleaning apparatuses like those produced by SoClean, Inc. can result in some foam degradation. CPAP machines might be cleaned with cleaning supplies made by SoClean. The company sued Philips for putting the blame on it. In December 2021, SoClean filed an updated complaint and referenced the FDA report in doing so. According to the complaint, Philips had knowledge of the foam’s potential “serious risk of injury” for years, but instead of warning the public, they opted to disparage SoClean. Philips extended the June 2021 device recall to include other products.  

2022 Recalls and Warnings

Magnets on its CPAP masks could interfere with metallic implants and result in injuries or deaths, and the company told the public in September 2022. Philips modified the product’s label to include cautions rather than calling it a recall. The FDA declared that it had been designated as a Class I recalled in October 2022. The organization declared that using the impacted masks could result in significant harm or death. In September 2022, the business also issued a second recall due to tainted plastic parts found in 1,660 BiPAP machines. The components could cause the machine to malfunction or release hazardous chemicals.

Court Records Show Philips Was Aware of the Issue for Years

The court documents from June 2022 revealed that Philips had knowledge of the problem years before it recalled the faulty product. The company’s engineer also alleged that they were aware of the faulty part in the machine and understood the health risk associated with it.

Although the product itself is useful, failure to disclose the side effects of its component is a major blunder on the part of tech giants Phillips. Due to increasing health issues and rising lawsuits against Phillips, the company has recalled its CPAP machines.