Top 5 Most Eco Friendly Businesses


As time goes on, our environmental impact is becoming more and more important. With both businesses and consumers alike doing their bit to make more sustainable choices, we’re slowly taking a step in the right direction.

For businesses especially, their large-scale processes mean even small changes can go a long way, not only reducing their carbon footprint, but changing the way that consumers view their actions. From simple changes such as reducing single use plastic by switching to environmentally friendly takeaway packaging to big projects such as using waste as an energy source, we’ve pulled together five of the most sustainable businesses who have gone above and beyond.

1. Patagonia

With all of their clothing being produced using sustainably sourced materials and a significant 64% of their fabrics being made from recycled materials, its no wonder that Patagonia take a top spot. As well as using sustainable materials, they adapt their processes to consume minimal energy and water, producing little waste. To tackle the fast fashion problem, the brand encourages customers to contribute to their ethos and get use of their new clothing for a whole lifetime; when you purchase from Patagonia, any damage will be repaired free of charge.

2. Lush

Being fully committed to providing skin, face and body care using the power of natural ingredients, Lush continue to get their message Businesses out there loud and clear. With a pledge to undergo no animal testing and use no nasties in their product range, their customer base can enjoy the guilt-free shopping. As well as the contents, they are slowly eradicating packaging where possible, using packaging-free shampoo bars and reusable tubs that can be brought back to the store and refilled to earn rewards.


Although not often noticed enough for their commitment to bettering the world, TOMS was founded by Blake Mycoskie who was inspired by his world travels, noticing the number of children who are left without footwear. With every pair bought, another is donated to a child in need along with clean water, medical equipment and more.

4. Leon

With a tagline of ‘naturally fast food’, Leon offers convenience that doesn’t cost the planet. Being a firm favourite across London, they pride themselves on locally and responsibly sourced ingredients which change according to the seasons. As well as their sustainable produce and eco-friendly packaging, their stores are also run in an eco-friendly manner. Running fully off wind, solar, hydro and anaerobic digestion and using LED lighting for further efficiency, they have considered every last part of their business, even going as far as adapting their food orders to the weather forecast and day of the week.


By being a huge business on a global scale, IKEA has a huge impact and influence across the world. 

With a commitment to helping people live sustainably, the now uses cotton produced from farms meeting the Better Cotton standards, wood from sustainable foresters and wool and plastics which are fully recycled or renewable. Within their stores, they have invested into solar panels to run off of sustainable energy and aim to get an outstanding sustainably rating by 2030.