Corporate Gift 101: Everything You Need To Know Before Creating One


Corporate gifting is a way to strengthen the company’s relationship with employees or customers by giving gifts. The gifts given can be in any form such as:

  • Physical Goods: Merchandise, food, electronics, and so on.

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  • Non-physical Goods: Shopping vouchers or gift cards.

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  • Experience: Travel, hotel, or concert tickets

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If your company has its own services or products to sell, you can give out these also as a corporate gift. Corporate gifts can be given to commemorate birthdays, work anniversaries, onboarding, offboarding, customer loyalty, promotions, the reward for the best employees, attendance at an event, or any other occasion. Corporate gifts don’t have to be big or expensive, because even a simple gift can make the recipient feel happy!

Based on the survey, some statistics related to the importance of corporate gifting strategy are as follows:

  • 77% of corporate gift recipients say gifts make them feel valued.
  • 70% of potential customers believe that a personally selected gift encourages them to work with the company.

Why Do You Have to Provide a Corporate Gift?

When you give a gift, it can make you and the recipient of the gift more connected and have a great relationship. Thus not surprisingly, there are many companies and promotional teams which use this strategy to maintain good relations with new and old customers. 

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Moreover, corporate gifts are also essential in showing appreciation for your clients, while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time. Corporate gifts are not only useful for recipients but also for the development of your business. 

1.Save time

Have you ever imagined a situation where you have to approach a potential customer or express gratitude to a business partner for a satisfactory outcome of the collaboration? By doing this, you will have to spend a lot of time for a meeting, and spend more if you have to dine with them.

This will take too much effort and energy to do so. You certainly won’t experience this when you can just send a corporate gift. Send the gifts along with a personally written card and to the recipient. It will be as personalized, yet easier to do!

2.Get reviews and free promotion

The simple gifts you give can attract the attention of those who receive them. Besides that, they can also share the gift with their family and friends or share their happiness on social media. Indirectly, this method will help your business to get positive reviews and the promotion word of mouth.

3.A big thank you to team members

Apart from being a way to maintain good relations with partners and consumers, you can also use corporate gifts to reward your wonderful team. For example, giving gifts can be done when a staff member has a birthday, gets married, or rewards for the best employees. Don’t forget to also provide a congratulatory  message to add a personal touch to the gifts. 

4.Show your gratitude

The gifts you give are one of the most effective ways to express gratitude, both to customers and staff. Without their support, your business will find it difficult to develop and thrive. These expressions of gratitude can also help you to build a good business reputation.

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What Do You Need to Know to Start a Corporate Gift Program?

To start a corporate gifting program, you need to do the following:

1.Set the goals

First of all, you need to determine the purpose of your company’s gift. Whether it is for corporate branding, appreciation for employees, strengthening relationships with customers, or other purposes.

2.Determine the budget

After knowing your goals, then you need to determine the budget per recipient. Budgets can vary widely, depending on the purpose of the company’s gifting and your company’s personal budget 

3.Brainstorm gift ideas

Based on a predetermined budget, you will choose what gift to give. The purpose of gifting also affects the choice of gifts given. 

4.Looking for vendors

After choosing a gift, then you need to find a vendor who sells it. The types of vendors are also very diverse, some vendors can do custom as you wish, and some vendors only sell certain items so you may have to look for another vendor.

As we know, the smooth running of a business is inseparable from how you maintain good relations with partners, staff, and consumers. There are various ways you can maintain a good relationship, one of which is through corporate gifts. Even though it is often considered a simple thing, giving gifts from the company that you run has a significant impact. So, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to give appreciation to customers or employees through corporate gifts!