Handpicked Gift Vouchers To Make Your Dad Feel Special


Father’s Day is an exceptional chance to honour and appreciate your dad. I understand it can be difficult to find a present that reflects their distinctive passions and interests and this is why I have chosen to surprise my Father with Gift Vouchers this Father’s Day. I knew this year, I wanted to indulge my dad with his favourite leisure activities, pamper him with premium products and take him for a terrific movie. While shaing the best gift ideas for Father’s Day, let me share the Gift Vouchers I have bought and the amount of money I saved alongside. 

Titan Gift Voucher: Timeless Elegance 

Titan happens to be my father’s favourite brand when it comes to watches, especially for its classic style and exquisite design. The reason I am giving him a Titan Gift Voucher is because he can select a watch from their outstanding collection of timepieces and make an everlasting fashion statement. I bought the Titan Gift Voucher at an 8% discount, where I paid ₹2300 for a voucher value worth ₹ 2500 but I ended up saving around ₹246, wondering why ? because I also earned 46 points on the GyFTR website. Believe it or not, earning these points make a big big difference for your future shopping. 

The Man Company Gift Voucher: Grooming and Self Care

My father doesn’t really give self care all that importance so I wanted him to try something new. So I purchased The Man Company Voucher where I paid ₹910 for a voucher value of ₹1000 and ended up earning 19 points and saving ₹109. I really hope he takes complete advantage of the premium grooming items with the help of this Man Company Voucher by GyFTR. 

Amazon Shopping Voucher: Countless Possibilities

I wanted to get my father an Amazon Shopping Voucher because he can browse an online marketplace full of limitless options. I know he could find anything that interests him from books to technology and an Amazon Shopping Voucher will make it easy for him to purchase exactly what he would like to buy. Moreover he wouldn’t have to add his or my mom’s card details on it. He just has to add the Voucher details and the money will be credited to his Amazon Pay. 

PVR Gift Vouchers: Entertainment and Bonding

Last but not the least, I wanted to end the day by doing something we did as a child with him, go to the cinema to watch movies. He always bought us tickets to the best movies and we spent a lot of quality time as a family. To relieve nostalgia, I bought him a PVR Gift Voucher to watch the latest blockbuster and create more memories for the future. I ended up getting a 7% off and paid ₹930 for a Voucher value worth ₹1000. But do you know how much I saved ? I saved ₹80 because I also earned 10 points. 

Overall I ended up spending a total of ₹4,640 this Father’s Day and I know every penny spent is worth it. If not for these Gift Vouchers, I would be spending a total of ₹5000 but look I ended up saving ₹360. From all the points earned, I can’t wait to shop for myself, shshshshh! You don’t have to tell anyone about that. I’m glad I can give my father everything he deserves this Father’s Day without feeling like I’m being too harsh on my bank account. It’s time you do the same too. Visit www.gyftr.com and select a Gift you think your dad will truly enjoy. 

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