Car Insurance For Women 


While not every state prices car insurance this way, some do look at the listed sex on the driver’s license when underwriting a new policy for someone. This is the case because numerous studies have found men to be more risky drivers than women. While the difference isn’t that much, women do pay less for car insurance coverage than men. This would be the only time that a car insurance company would need to reference a policyholder’s sex. Car insurance for all sexes is obtained the same way; the only minuscule difference is the cost. Of course, there are also a variety of ways that women are able to save further on their car insurance.  visit here

Average Car Insurance For Women 

The difference between how much women and men pay for car insurance isn’t that much. Everyone still pays within the same ballpark for average auto insurance rates. Depending on their state of residence, women can pay anywhere from $1,323 to $1,630 annually for car insurance, with six-month premiums going for anywhere from $485 to $952. There are several factors aside from sex that determine how much a person pays for car insurance, some of which aren’t even dependent on the person. It also depends on the insurance company they bought a policy with, along with their zip code. Age is also a factor as younger drivers pay more for car insurance than older drivers. Visit here 

States That Look at Sex And Gender For Car Insurance Rates

Not every state considers whether a prospective policyholder is a woman or a man. In fact, some states are working to move away from it altogether. California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Montana, and Pennsylvania are such states where this isn’t practiced. In addition to, California, DC, and Oregon also recognize drivers on the non-binary scale. There are said to be some states where women’s rates are slightly higher than men’s, but these are uncommon. Meanwhile, every state not previously mentioned will look at sex and gender when underwriting a new policy. 

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What Can Increase Car Insurance Rates? 

Inversely, there are also several things that can increase car insurance rates regardless of the sex of the policyholder. Claims, in general, may, especially if several are filed in succession. The goal of car insurance is to not use it unless necessary. At the same time, certain accidents and traffic violations cause their own car insurance rate increases:

  • Speeding violations – Speeding tickets, especially multiple, are known to affect car insurance rates. Typically, the faster the driver was going, the more their car insurance rates would increase. These increases aren’t monumental but definitely avoidable. 
  • At-fault accident – You will usually use your car insurance to cover damages that you caused in a car accident. Since you were the at-fault driver, your insurance rates increase will reflect it. 
  • Reckless driving – If an accident or speeding violation was found to be a result of reckless driving habits, this could cause a considerable increase in premiums, especially if these habits are regular. This naturally includes street racing and other reckless driving behaviors. 
  • DUI – A DUI will increase your car insurance rates more than any other traffic offense or accident and can even suspend your driving privileges for a period of time. While a DUI is a major offense, it can be easily avoided. 

How Can Women Save on Car Insurance? 

Car insurance has several ways to save available to every policyholder regardless if they are a woman or man. Smartly shopping for car insurance is one of the smartest things you can do when you have yet to commit to an insurance company. Every insurer prices their policies differently, so it helps to pull as many quotes as you can –really take advantage of the fact that online car insurance quotes are usually free. Of course, there are also several discounts that you may qualify for:

  • Bundle policies – You may come across insurance companies that sell both car and homeowners’ and renters’ insurance. Buying multiple policies with the same insurance company can result in some discounts. Insurance companies are a business like any other and love loyal customers. 
  • Defensive driver – Completing a certified defensive driving course can result in an auto insurance discount because it shows you are taking steps to become a safer driver and actually are one. Statistics show that drivers are in fewer accidents after completing such a class.            
  • Safety and anti-theft – Having additional security and anti-theft features installed on your car can result in small discounts. This includes alarms, GPS trackers, disabling devices, and even driver assistance tools. 
  • Good driverThe easiest and classic way to save on car insurance is by being the best driver you can be. Car insurance companies do tend to notice safe driving and reward them accordingly with lower premiums. Some insurance companies are even willing to offer accident forgiveness for the safest drivers, wherein rates don’t increase after a certain claim.