A Brief Review of Fling And Other Sexy Apps

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When it comes to picking the right sex-dating app for hookups, there are plenty to choose from. Most people who use these apps are looking for casual encounters with relatively little commitment which could be anywhere from easy one-time sex with a match, to a few romantic dates with someone they find attractive. If you’re interested, click here to see a list of just a few of these services. 

Picking the right sex-dating app may depend on your demographics, how much you are willing to spend per month for the service, and of course, the type of encounter you are looking for. Some apps focus more on connecting you quickly with someone looking for sex within a reasonable distance. Others can be a little more formal or are more intended to match people looking for a specific type of fling. 

What Should You Expect?

It is a good idea to browse several apps that revolve around sex and dating before deciding to focus all of your time and effort on a particular one. Some are in fact free to join, but most of them I’ve seen cost anywhere from 10 to 40 dollars per month. But in my opinion, it is most important to be clear with yourself about what you are looking for before you start swiping matches and initiating with someone you find attractive. 

Are you ready to be at the receiving end of this for someone else? Can you keep your head up it if you get turned down a few times? For some, having casual sex with strangers is a fun and mindless experience, never mind a bit of rejection here and there or other pitfalls experienced along the way. But for others it may be more of a learning curve. The sex-dating world, for how glamorous it may look on the outside is just as full of the same disharmonies as the rest of humanity. It is truly up to the user to make the experience what it is. 

Each App Offers Something Slightly Different

 I also mentioned previously that each of these adult-dating apps might take on a slightly different objective than the others. That is to say that they are structured to set up a certain type of encounter. For example, if you’re a young woman looking for an older man with money and experience, this service is in fact available. On the other hand, what if you’re married and looking for an affair? Not to promote this activity, but there is indeed an app that does. 

One such app also has a ‘panic button’ you can hit in case you get paranoid, and it will erase all signs of you ever being there, so that your partner doesn’t have to find out. There are also quite a few sex and dating apps that are LGBTQ friendly, and some are even exclusive to gay or lesbian hookups. Then of course, there’s the classic dating app- which attempts to formally set up classier encounters- for those just looking to get out for the night with a member of their preferred sex.

Sometime We Just Want To Get Down And Dirty


Sometimes, though, all people want is some honest meaningless sex; no strings attached, no relationships. There are apps and websites devoted to escort services if you want a bit more control over the experience and with whom you have it. That’s no shame to you, as sex work is humanities oldest profession for good reason. But these are not the same as sex-dating apps, and many people find it a lot more exciting and spontaneous to engage with and fuck someone with a backstory apart from sex work. 

What you want then is a list of these sex dating apps that are one step below formal sex work. Fling.com is one of the newer apps that exist solely to attract people from this crowd and set them up quickly with a wild time. The horniest guys are always looking for the sluttiest girls. Nymphomaniac princesses are always looking for knight needing to sheath their sword. This is not a site for modest but rather the carefree, while openly displaying nudes and describing sexual preferences is a constant theme here. 

Other Things To Look For In A Sex Dating App

Each of these apps has its own unique methods of building communication with a prospective sexual partner. For example, if the only way to contact someone you are interested is for them to like your profile first, it can take an extra long time to finally start hooking up with that person. Likewise, if an app meant for sex only allows you to text and not send images or nude photos, then options for foreplay become a lot more limited. 

When picking a sex dating app, it is important to have access to every form of erotic communication, including video chat. Another thing to look for is a healthy gender distribution. For instance, it’s better if a cis-gender dominant hookup has little disparity between the number of male and female active users, showing equal motivation between both sexes to use the site. This obviously does not apply to apps whose purpose is predominately homosexual. 

Stay On Your Guard

One last thing: If you are trying out an app that is new or not listed in mainstream reviews, be careful! At this stage of the Internet there is many a scam out there, as well as fake websites designed to take advantage of people who are left vulnerable by their sexual impulses. 

As hinted, make sure to read reviews of the site and even take some time to read their private policies Even if the app is legit, you may still want to know what they are doing with people’s financial and personal information. Make sure to read this article on website tracking https://www.cookiebot.com/en/website-tracking/ so you can be on your best guard. 

And pick one with a fair bit of user traffic- again, no one wants to have to wait forever to get laid- but if the site activity is 50% from bots, well, that can be frustrating, too. They may whisper their sweet nothings but, in the end, they aren’t really much for sexual partners.