Are Tom Holland and Zendaya in Love?

Tom Holland and Zendaya in a award function.
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Celebs and their personal life, especially their love life, excite us. We all want our favourite reel-life couple to fall in love too. One of those reel-life couples we all want to see in love is Zendaya and Tom Holland. They shared on social media about how was their romantic nights gone. But according to the news, Tom Holland and Zendaya were not ready to express it on social media but they did it accidentally. On the other hand, Claire Stoermer posted on her social media account about her daughter’s relationship with Tom Holland and how internet is making false statements about them.

In this blog, we will learn everything related to Zendaya and Tom Holland and how they went from a reel to real life couple in couple of years. Apart from that, also look on what they say about each other in front of media and how false statements are spreading on the internet. Also, are they going to marry in coming years, so lets talk and know more about our Spiderman and his girl.

Will Zendaya and Tom Holland Come Again on the Big Screen?

In 2021, we got No Way Home from the Spider-Man series which was one of the grossing movies from marvel. In this movie, Zendaya and Tom Holland come last time together on Big Screen. However, Tom Holland and Zendaya attended promotional events but did not receive any projects until then.

Zendaya made a post and showed how much proud she is of the big success of the movie, “My Spider-Man, I’m so proud of you.” Also added, “Some things never change and good thing.”

She made another post with the caption “One of my all-time favorite shoots,” to which Tom replied with emoji and she liked his comment.

Moreover, they were not active on any social media for almost three months. But then, Tom received a birthday present as an Instagram post with the caption, “Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest<3.”

Although they showed comfort towards work and also expressed how good their chemistry is. So, we expect them to work on new projects.

Why Tom Holland Said That His Privacy Was Robbed Online?

Tom Holland is getting attention from the media, not because of his upcoming movies but because of his leaked pictures. The pictures were captured from the camera of Tom and Zendaya during their visit in New York. After a moment of time, the pictures were circulated on the internet, which is reported as leaked.

In New York, they were celebrating their Sunday nights near the beach and captured the special moment on camera. Then Tom Holland and Zendaya decided to not share them on the internet.  But an unknown source got access to their pictures and shared them on the internet. After this big incident, both of them tried to not interact with the media and hide it as much as possible. 

Tom Holland and Zendaya together watching a instagram post.
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However, Holland could not stop himself and come with an excuse to stop this rumor. But he changed his mind and shared his experience of how hard it was for him and Zendaya to face the reality. They could not do anything against those robbers who robbed their private moment. 

After that, Holland shared his words on fame status and how it can destroy the privacy of someone who loves each other. Because they both can lose their control over their private or personal life when they become a star. It is no more private, indirectly or directly, everything is shared in the world. 

That is why Holland and Zendaya don’t want to talk about anything particularly about their romantic life.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Going Out on a Date?

As fans, we all want to see our favourite on-screen couple hanging out together, and this case is also seen in Tom Holland and Zendaya. They both were seen together at Mamo Restaurant, and it is confirmed from the photos of Daily Mail where we have seen that Zendaya was holding hands with Tom Holland.

Following that, we witnessed Tom Holland and Zendaya having supper together in Rome. Unexpectedly, Tom and Zendaya received a photo from Francesco Panella, the proprietor of the restaurant, congratulating them for returning and spending their special night at Antica Pesa.

However, there was another moment when we saw them together in New York, and then they caught our attention when they were spending their private time in the Louvre in Paris.

Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Planning to Engage?

The Spider-Man series‘ is loved by fans, and they like the on-stage couple Tom Holland and Zendaya. Undoubtedly, the lead cast gave everything on-screen to catch our attention. However, there are rumours which claim their engagement. It started when Zendaya showed off her new gold ring in December 2021 on instagram. Then fans started to ask in comments section about love life with Tom because caught in camera multiple times. That counted as initial step of the tittle-tattle, which looked real when her followers mentioned wearing the ring of gold in fourth finger.

A pic go viral in twitter.
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According to the unofficial column, Zendaya and Tom are moving one step forward in tie-up and drafting to become one in upcoming years. But it all looks unreal, as confirmed by Claire Stoermer. She explained what all these words are used for, in her account “Clickbait typically refers to the practice of writing sensationalized or misleading headlines in order to attract clicks on a piece of content.” She also confirmed that all these pieces of information are untrue. “It often relies on exaggerating claims or leaving out key information in order to encourage traffic. The term is generally used in a dismissive sense.” So, it confirms that both of them have no forethought about future, and the information shared about them is false. However, we can hope that somehow they will plan to become twosome.


Tom Holland and Zendaya are one of those young generation who got popular because of their on-screen chemistry and off-screen chemistry. They tried to hide their relationship from fans, but fans found out about their love life. However, Zendaya’s mother confirmed that everything is a publicity stunt and they are not in a relationship. But we can hope they both fall in love someday and get engaged.