Top 7 Gadgets For Employees While Working From Home


Work from home may sound like a dream, indeed it is a very awesome and luxurious experience. Most of the people love the idea of surrendering commute and enjoying working in a comfortable environment of the home. 

Benefits of Working From Home:

  • No morning hustle-bustle, 
  • No tension of what to wear, 
  • No lunch choice issue “Nothing”. 

When you are an important part of your organization, leaving a single day work will potentially harm their business but due to certain situations, you need to choose work from home. As there are several situations out of many that leave no option rather than working from home. 

All luxury things come with a disadvantage such as working from home for a long time has its side effects, like loneliness, isolation from the world, distraction, etc. It will be very hard to do the same repeated thing again and again:

Wake up ⇒ Grab the Laptop ⇒ Eat Food ⇒ Grab laptop ⇒ Sleep ⇒ Repeat

Work from home requires lots of preparation so that the work will be done easily. For this, you will require some gadgets, so that there will be no disturbance in the work.

Below is the list of top 5 gadgets that will help you in working from home without any hassle. Note the below-listed gadgets will work for both laptops as well as on the desktop, as most of the people prefer laptops over the desktop that is why we use the word “laptop” in the entire article.

Mouse & Keyboard

It is very hard to use a laptop trackpad when you have lots of tasks that involve a high number of right-clicking, left click, even slide to copy. The trackpads in the laptop are decent but they are very small to do both cursor movement and clicking simultaneously. Due to this, you waste a lot of time, which results in an extension of working hours. 

You can save your time and effort by getting a wired or wireless mouse. It is advisable to buy a non-expensive and very simple mouse for your laptop. It will smoothen your work and it will increase your productivity as well. Instead, you will be stuck in using the trackpad of the laptop which is sometimes a very uneasy part of the device to use.

Like the mouse, it is not necessary to buy an external keyboard as using a laptop keyboard is not very difficult. But if you have a small-sized compatible laptop the keys in it are very close to each other which makes it very unpleasant to type. If your work involves too much typing then to solve this problem you can buy a wired or wireless keyboard. 

Wi-fi USB Adapter

We have listed this device knowing the fact that the laptop has an inbuilt wi-fi LAN card, but getting an extra backup is not a bad idea. This device is very cheap. It is a USB adapter that works as a Bluetooth and wi-fi receiver. For those who have faulty laptop wifi they can use a wi-fi USB adapter, all you need is simply plug in your laptop USB port and all is done. 

Typically this device comes under a hundred bucks and you can buy it for backup. 


Work requires lots of audio and video calling for this you can have quality headphones. It will be your choice to choose either wired or wireless, make sure it has a mic with background noise cancellation facility. 

As most of the app now integrates with the team video calling features due to an increase in the demand for work from home. While on the video call it will be obvious if you use low-quality headphones or laptop speakers to miss the important discussion on the call. Having good quality headphones will give an advantage. You can also use your headphones to listen to your favorite music while working from home. 

External Hard Disk

Why do we need an extra hard disk when we have huge internal storage on the laptop? The external hard disk is always easy to carry and they have more storage than your laptop. They are even faster in data transfer that you can use to store your important data in it after finishing off the daily work. By doing this you will eliminate the chance of data loss which happens in laptop hard disk crashes.

Extra Battery

These days laptops are coming with a powerful battery backup. Even with your heavy usage, they can last up to several hours. Sometimes situations arise when you have a power failure in your area which might take several hours to be resolved and you need to work on an urgent basis on something. Extra laptop batteries come as a savior during these urgent situations. Not only will the extra battery power the laptop but you can use the laptop to charge your other USB powered gadgets.

Extension Cord

The market is filled with affordable and different types of extension cords. When you have several gadgets to power then these extension cords with multiple sockets become the savior. By using a good extension cord you can operate several gadgets like laptop, printer, mobile phone, desk lamp, etc simultaneously.  

Desk Lamp

Work from has more time flexibility over fixed office working hours. Work from home results in an extension of working hours. You surely do not want to disturb your family at night while they sleep. To solve this problem you can buy a desk lamp that will help. With its ample amount of light, it spreads on the table, so that you can easily see your laptop keyboard, mouse, and the writing material. 

We all love to note down our daily office tasks on the notepad, the desk lamp will be an important gadget while working from home.


We have tried to cover the most important gadgets which you will require while working from home, some may act as an extra burden on you like a battery, external hard disk but we will advise you to carry it as extra because it can become a savior in certain emergencies.