8 Reasons to Visit a Family Chiropractor

Reasons to Visit a Family Chiropractor

Never in our lives has the family chiropractor played a more important and understated role.  Read on further to know about the 8 reasons to visit a family chiropractor.

Chiropractic medicine has been around since 1897. Time has proven that chiropractors do more than just settle bones. They reduce pain and ultimately encourage healthier lifestyles. 

Everyone could use this encouragement. In the day and age when more than four out of every ten Americans are obese, we need as many resources as possible to help Americans improve their health. 

Chiropractors serve this role. Keep reading to learn all the ways chiropractic care can make a difference in your life and the lives of your family members. 

1. Reduces Neck and Back Pain

Most people go to the chiropractor for this very reason. A single visit can lead to reduced neck and back pain.

Debilitating back pain is no joke. Approximately 16 million people in America suffer from back pain. Furthermore, researchers estimate that back pain leads the list of reasons for 83 million days of lost work in the United States. 

When you visit a chiropractor, you can reduce your back pain, giving yourself the best opportunity to earn a living and support your family. 

Neck pain reduces mobility and the ability to work almost as much as back pain. When you cannot turn your head, you compromise your visual field significantly. 

While most of us might believe we just need to improve our posture or schedule an appointment with a masseuse, 

2. Offers a Drug-Free Approach to Chronic Pain

At your first chiropractor appointment, the chiropractic staff will spend time learning about your condition. They will ask several questions to pinpoint the root of your problems. 

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If you suffer from chronic pain, this evaluation may take longer. However, ultimately, the time is worth the wait.

A family chiropractor focuses on building an effective treatment plan by figuring out the root of muscle tension and inflammation. Chiropractors use special tools like TENS therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound in addition to spinal adjustment treatments.

They do this all without offering pain medication that has long-term side effects. 

3. Lowers Stress and Blood Pressure

High blood pressure often stems from a stressful lifestyle. The moment you walk into a family chiropractor’s office, you’ll feel the calm. Chiropractors design their offices to provide a relaxing atmosphere. 

Furthermore, a local chiropractor with the proper training can complete an adjustment specifically designed to lower blood pressure. Recent studies have confirmed the theory that chiropractic manipulations may significantly decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. 

4. Lessens Inflammation

Usually, when you experience inflammation, you reach for the closest bottle of pain pills. Inflammation stems from inflamed nerves. 

Your nerves will fire for a variety of reasons. Many times your spine is out of alignment, and you do not even know it. 

So when you go to a chiropractor for back pain, you’re also going for all kinds of pain. The chiropractor will use manipulation to align your spine, and the nerves connected to the spine will immediately calm down. 

Remember, your spine is one major component of the central nervous system. All nerves stem from it. So when your spine is out of alignment, it affects several parts of your body. 

5. Enhances Sleep

Approximately 70 percent of adults in American claim they do not get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is an epidemic that has led to a myriad of other health problems. But chiropractors can help. 

When you run a search for a family chiropractor near me, you are also asking how to get some more sleep. 

A local chiropractor can give you a basic spine alignment treatment that will leave you feeling better and able to snag better sleep. You should end up with higher quality sleep as well. 

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6. Improves Athletic Performance

If you’re an athlete, you can hope for improved athletic performance from chiropractic care. The natural adjustment of a chiropractor works so well that an estimated 90 percent of world-class athletes use chiropractic care. 

Excellent athletic performance requires flexibility. A chiropractor understands how to conduct adjustments that release muscles to be more flexible. Joints loosen, and the athlete can perform better with less risk of injury. 

7. Lessens Symptoms of Infant Colic

  • Fussy infants can find relief, as well as their parents, from chiropractic care. Oftentimes new parents immediately call their family physician or pediatrician when their infant won’t stop crying. 

Colic is a horrible problem. In short, it’s persistent crying. Experts use the number three as their main gauge for determining if an infant has colic. 

The infant must be crying for the following durations: 

  • Three or more hours at a time
  • Three days in a row or more
  • Three weeks or more

So if a seemingly healthy infant cries constantly for seemingly no reason, the child has colic along with a tired, frustrated parent. 

A family chiropractor can help relieve colic. Chiropractors receive specialized training to adjust infants and alleviate the unseen pain that may be causing the crying. 

8. Improves Your Immune System

Regular chiropractor visits can boost your immune system. In a world that shuns public places like a chiropractor waiting room, this thought seems impossible. 

However, time and research have proven the endocrine channels connect the nervous system and the immune system. So when your chiropractor adjusts your spine and works on your nervous system, he works on your immune system as well. 

Thus, just a regular visit to your chiropractor can keep your immune system strong enough to stave off colds and viruses. 

Family Chiropractor, Family Wellness

To keep your family well, consider regular visits to your local family chiropractor. You’ll find that a regular adjustment will reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure, and improve your overall health. 

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