6 Benefits of Advertising with Flyers for Small Businesses

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Want to get the word out about your small business?

Flyers are a great way to get in touch with customers and prospective customers. They’re versatile and easy to design.

Do you have a flyer advertising strategy? Or do you think it’s an outdated way to advertise? (Hint: that’s not true.)

If you’re thinking about using a different tool to advertise your brand, flyers may be the answer. Keep reading to learn the benefits of advertising with flyers for small businesses.

1. Save Money

Traditional flyers are a less expensive way to advertise your business. It’s cheaper than online advertising. Online advertising has a monthly or yearly fee.

When you advertise using flyers, you order what you want and pay with one flat payment.

2. Very Effective

57% of people open a flyer when it arrives in their mailbox. Response rates are very high when it comes to flyer advertising. They are cost-effective and give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Flyer advertising is a great way to recession-proof your business. It is a way to generate sales quickly.

3. Incentives on Flyers

Give your customers a reason to go shopping by adding incentives like coupons or a voucher for a percentage of an item. Though you can do this online, it’s much easier for the consumer to have the flyer in hand.

Technology is not always your friend. Things go wrong and sometimes it’s not possible to access the online coupon. Not everyone is computer literate or looks up businesses online, limiting your reach.

4. Measurable

Using flyers for events or adding a QR code or leaflet number allows you to track the flyer and measure the effectiveness of the flyer. When a customer brings in the flyer, you know that is what brought them to your business.

5. Consumer Feedback

When handing out flyers to people, you can get immediate feedback from the consumers. You can ask questions about your business and get people’s honest opinions and suggestions.

With this feedback, you can make adjustments to your product or business and correct any issues. You can also inform people of positive changes you’ve made.

6. Get Creative

The software available to create flyers is interactive and includes hundreds of templates and fonts so you can get as creative as you’d like. Your flyers will be special and stand out.

Create customizable flyers with this flyer maker. Include personal elements like your logo, brand, colors, or images, and then share your flyer instantly.

Advertising With Flyers

Now that you know the benefits of advertising with flyers, you’ll want to come up with the best flyer design ideas to get the most out of your marketing budget for advertising.

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