5 Benefits of Group Therapy Activities

Benefits Group Therapy Activities

 Over 51 million Americans live with mental illness. Whether they struggle from anxiety, depression, addiction, or something a little less common, it all impacts their lives significantly. This article explains the 5 Benefits of group therapy activities:-

Group therapy can help these people in a number of ways. It can also assist people who go through traumatic events, like losing a loved one or falling victim to violence. 

Read on to learn 5 awesome benefits of engaging in group therapy activities.

1. Understanding

Mental illness, addiction recovery, and victimhood can feel extremely isolating. People often pity you, judge you, or fail to truly understand how you feel. Even speaking one-on-one with a therapist who cares can leave you feeling misunderstood, because they could never truly know what it feels like.

Group therapy brings together people dealing with similar experiences. By hearing their stories and sharing yours, you can pull yourself out of the loneliness and into a community where people get you.

Feeling understood by others helps us thrive. It confirms that you exist, belong, and matter. This empowers you to heal and grow.

2. Support

A shoulder to lean on can get you a lot further than you could manage alone. In group therapy, you can find support in a number of ways.

The facilitator offers their time and skills to help you cope, heal, and grow. They may offer other resources so that you can find help to stay on track.

Your fellow attendees who understand you can also help you through. And you can come into your own power by helping somebody else who needs it.

AA meetings, for example, offer a ton of support for recovering alcoholics. Learn more about AA meetings.

3. Self-Reflection

We do not see the world how it is, but rather as we are. This means that other people can serve as mirrors to help reflect our own strengths and weaknesses. By listening to others’ stories, you may pick up on something that you never thought of.

Something they say can ‘click’ and push you to recognize and change a fault. Or, their words may help you notice and honor an inner strength. When you share, direct feedback after the meeting can help you discover yourself as well. 

4. Safety

In a room full of people who struggle with the same issue as you, it feels safe to share. One-on-one counseling also provides a secure space, but it may not feel as protected since your therapist will not share back.

Vulnerability is difficult. But when everybody in the room opens themselves up, you can feel secure in the fact that your best interest will be served.

5. Cost

Counseling can get expensive. Motivational group therapy often runs less, because more people pay for the time spent.

Some support groups cost nothing. You can reap the benefits for free and never need to worry about the financial aspect of healing yourself.

Heal Through Group Therapy Activities

Participate in group therapy activities and begin to heal. Together, you will build strength in one another and synergize!

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