5 Awesome Things to Do in Miami for Adults

things to do in miami for adults
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Visiting a lively place like Miami is a special wish for every visitor, especially when you are an adult. As an adult, you want to try many things which can expand your collection of beautiful memories. However, it is not possible if you don’t have any idea about the place where you are going. Still, you can have the best experience through our blog. We will share our words on awesome things to do in Miami for adults who want to make unforgettable memories. Also, we will give the reason behind including these things and what and how to do specific things—for example, Parasailing and Paraboarding. 

Awesome Things to Do in Miami for Adults

Rooftop Bar

Do you want to feel the essence of an open bar, especially when you are in Miami? Rooftop Bar is the perfect Miami gift for you. That is because Miami is a place where you can experience an open bar without any trouble. It is famous for its nightlife so that you can expect a great experience from rooftop bars and parties. Not only that, you will experience new things but also get the option to visit a rooftop bar where you can taste an eye-sparkling view.

Moreover, there is a place, ‘Little Havana,’ where you can experience the Miami Skyline. It is an awesome place for hang-out and eye-melting views, which you can rarely have in Miami. However, you need to go to Terras because it is the main spotlight of Little Havana. The area is full of different kinds of plants, which are the main ingredient for a cocktail party. That is good, especially for those who like being surrounded by plants and enjoying their moments with cocktails. For example, ‘Garden Mojito’ is a combination of garden herbs, rum, and mint.

rooftop bars
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If you want a high-class experience, visit ‘Sugar.’ It is one of the most beautiful and luxurious bars, which is filled with an Asian touch and Miami style. So, you will be okay going there if you like two different flavors in one place. But you have to visit Brickell, where you will see the EAST Hotel, then go up to the 40th floor. After that, you will see Sugar there, but remember that there is a dress code. This dress code is made especially for visitors to enjoy the nightlife of Miami. If you are uncomfortable with the dress code and not interested in nightlife, you can come during the day with your regular dress too.


Parasailing is one of the awesome things to do in Miami for adults who like to try something crazy. It is full of exciting, breathtaking, fun, and thrilling experiences, which are ‘must-have’ things for adults. So, you do not need to worry about the surprises you will have through parasailing. If we are talking about the surprises, the first one is the height of the flight, which goes around 400 feet. It is quite high and not good for children, but it is acceptable for adults. The eye-mesmerizing views are the top-notch reason behind parasailing.

Suppose you are traveling for the first time in Miami and don’t know how to do parasailing. Then you should start with finding a professional boat captain and expert teammates. They will tell you everything, especially the basic and most necessary details. After that, they will guide you by starting with safety measures. This is important because that will help you to protect yourself from accidental falls from air into water. Then they will take you to Biscayne Bay and tell you when and where they will open the parachute.

things to do in miami for adults
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You will have amazing views of the surrounding location and see how Miami looks from the sky. The view from the sky is the main concern behind parasailing. But if you want to see how the world looks underwater, you have some chance to experience underwater too. You can only go inside the water if you have donned a swimsuit, so consider wearing one before trying parasailing.


If you are in love with nightlife and want to have fantastic views, then paddleboarding is a must-have thing for you. It is the most suitable thing for visitors who like to feel the vibes of Miami. However, paddleboarding is mainly designed for evening or late-night purposes so that you can see the beauty of Miami. To see the beauty, you need to stand on the paddleboard and handle the paddle through your arms, and move towards the direction where the main flow of water is. That way, you will go to the designated visitors’ paths. Well, it feels romantic but exciting too. 

As we know, paddleboarding in Miami is good at night time, but you can still do this exciting activity during day time. The experience in the daytime is different from nighttime. So, you can have two different tastes in the same dish. The Miami River is quite big, and the flow of water is steady, so you can have a good experience with that.

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After the paddleboarding, you can have some complimentary drinks from your guide team. They can make your moment more lively and memorable through that. So, take advantage of the chance in your lifetime.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

One of the most awesome things to do in Miami for adults is the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Do you know why? It is because the place is full of historical things which take you back to the time when Miami was created and how it became a major attraction for visitors. To experience the truth, you need to go to Florida, where the museum is located. Then there you can have an experience of the historical life of Miami.

things to do in miami for adults
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Well, the museum was established in quite a big area which is a part of the attraction of the visitors. You will understand it when you see different kinds of gardens in 10 acres of area and 32 rooms fully furnished in historical style. The artifacts in their preserved form and Mediterranean-style architectural design. And the experience of community events that are specially designed for visitors. All of them are designed to feel the vibes of Miami’s streets.

Airboat Tour

In our list, the final checkpoint is Airboat Tour which is mainly designed for fun purposes. And if you are looking for in-life experience, then this is one of the awesome things to do in Miami for adults. That is because the airboat tour is full of exciting stuff and breathtaking adventures which can fulfill your day. 

As a visitor, you can start with the Everglades National Park. It is quite an eye-catching place with a flat-bottomed boat that was created to move on the water. And also for a better view from the water.

airboat tour
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Do you know that the Everglades come in wetlands? If you are in love with wetlands, then an airboat tour from Everglades must be included in your checklist. It is necessary to have an experience of an animal’s lifestyle. For example, alligators, marshes, and mangroves. You can see them closely. But only do that with a guide’s help because they will guide you when and where you need to look safely. If you don’t have a guide, then you should at least hire one who knows about the places where you are visiting. Apart from that, you can check Gator Park too.


As a visitor, we want to try those things which we have never tried in our life. For example, skydiving and paragliding. These kinds of activities can only be done if you have an idea about a new place like Miami. A lively and sparkling place like Miami where visitors come to make unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Also, they want to try all the things, but the most popular and awesome things to do in Miami for adults are the above-mentioned options. All these options are the main concern behind visiting Miami and are also limited only to adults.