15 Best Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

10 bridal shower cake ideas
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Celebrating a wedding night with your friends and family is special for everyone. But it looks incomplete without a cake to make your special day a memorable day. So, to make your time memorable, you can add one of the 15 best bridal shower cake ideas to the bucket, which has been mentioned below.

However, these are not limited to wedding nights but are also a good option for birthdays, party celebrations, or even for children’s breakfasts as well. So, you don’t need to worry about the leftovers, just give them to your guests or neighbours and treat them with a beautiful smile. 

15 Bridal Shower Cake Ideas to Make Your Special Day a Memorable Day

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are one of our best bridal shower cake ideas, which is incomplete without Doughnuts. The doughnut is the ultimate ingredient to make your cake pops more unique than other desserts. 

If you are into easy-to-make, simple, and attractive desserts, then cake pops must be added to your list. It is considered one of the quick desserts for any special occasion, particularly parties.

To make your cake beautiful and tasty, you can add doughnuts and candies for decoration purposes and finish it off with a coloured coating. You can choose whatever colour you want for the coating. But it must look like a matching colour with candies.

wedding cake pops
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As a side note, do icing with your hands, and try to avoid equipment because it looks great when you do it with your hands compared to icing equipment.

Mountain Cake

Are you looking for a dessert to change your holiday with a smile? Then try one of the most popular white cake recipes, which work perfectly with a blank slate. It is not that a blank slate is the only necessary thing we require; other things are also important such as muffins. Mountain cake is a combination of cupcakes and muffins, and it works best if you decorate it in a traditional style.

mountain wedding cake
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As a side note, Mountain Cake is categorized as white cake, and making white cakes is not an easy task. But you can make your mountain cake tasty if you bake your cake in the right way.

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake does not have a unique name but also has a unique taste and design. The recipe for making this dessert is not unique like its name; it is easy to remember and simple to make. But it does require time and effort and gives an amazing taste and beautiful look as a final product.

When you first look at the baking direction, you may not feel like trying to make it because it looks more difficult than other cakes. But in reality, it is not that much complicated and easy to make, particularly if you follow the right procedure.

best bridal shower cake ideas
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Generally, Tiramisu Cake is famous in Italian cafes and is one of the special desserts which is popular among youngsters. The main attraction of this cake is the multiple decorative layers that are filled with creams and fruits. It makes it a beautiful and mouth-watering dessert. But if you don’t feel like adding fruits and creams, then you can also try some relevant alternatives.

Ice Cream Bridal Shower Cake

When we are talking about the best bridal cake ideas, then how can we forget about Ice Cream Bridal Shower Cake? This is a perfect gift for your loved one because of its unique taste and creative design. It is one of the main reasons why it is listed as one of the top-grossing bridal cakes in the world.

ice cream wedding cake
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You can make this Bridal Shower Cake just by topping and layering. Start layering with white chocolate and end it with an upside-down topping. If you have a sweet tooth, you can even add mini ice cream cones. It is a must-do step to make your cake sweeter than before.

Hand Painted Greenery

As the name depicts, this cake is filled with floral designs and bridal touches, which are green in colour. The plus point about this cake is you can add it even to your party and guest cake list. Not just that, it is also a good option for birthday treats.

If you are into flowers, then Hand Painted Greenery cake is the best option for you. You can even use alternate colour options as well, but the colour must be the same as the colour of the layering. If you are planning to use white colour for layering, then go with a different colour; other than that, you can go with the same colour.

hand painted wedding cake
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The floral designs on this white cake give it a unique and pretty look which is enough to make your mouth watery. Also, the topping ingredients are a plus factor in making it more beautiful than other white cakes.

Champagne Cake with Buttercream Icing

Champagne Cake with Buttercream Icing is a perfect dessert to make your wedding or date night beautiful. It is a combination of champagne and buttercream to make it bold, bubbly, naughty, sweet, and attractive. So, if you are totally into bridal shower cake ideas, then you must try this amazing and complex yet simple dessert option at home.

top bridal shower cake ideas
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One of the best parts about this bridal cake is you can even make it as a birthday celebration and celebrate your birthday with a delicious cake.

Italian Wedding Cake

Suppose you are totally into trying a wedding cake but don’t know which one is the best to look at first. Then you can try Italian Wedding Cake because it is counted as one of the best bridal shower cake ideas.

italian wedding cake
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The best part about this wedding cake is that you don’t need to attend the wedding ceremony just to eat it. You can make it at home with easily available ingredients such as pineapple, pecans, and coconut, then add them to the batter to make a perfect cake for special events. For the icing, you can use cream cheese which is a good option for preparing a unique and delicious cake.

White Almond Wedding Cake

Are you in love with almonds and like to eat them a lot? Then try your hands on White Almond Wedding Cake which is usually made for almond lovers like you. The best part about this cake is it has a soft and non-sticky texture. So, you can have a cake that melts in your mouth like hot chocolate.

white almond wedding cake
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Moreover, you can add it to your list of cakes which can easily adjust with any kind of topping you use. It can even change your simple cake into a decorative cake.

Kentucky Butter Cake

A cake from Kentucky that is filled with butter to give us a yummy taste. You can’t doubt why this buttery cake is counted in as a bridal shower cake idea and why it is special to make your special one smile because it is a perfect gift from Southerners to people who are planning to prepare a wedding cake.

amazing bridal shower cake ideas
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But note that Kentucky Butter Cake is one of those cakes which is incomplete without powdered sugar. It gives an extra flavour to your bridal cake and balances the taste of butter with sugar.

Strawberry Cake from Scratch

Strawberry Cake is one the most common and baked by people in the world. All thanks to its texture and taste that make your day complete. You can try it at home and eat it with your friends and family.

strawberry wedding cake
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If you prefer cream and cheese over cakes, then you can add buttercream or cream cheese. It goes well with elements like this to add extra flavour and texture.

Hand-Painted Cake

Sometimes we want to decorate our cake with our hands but don’t know which one is the best to try. So if you are in the same dilemma and want to climb up the stairs with the best bridal shower cake ideas, then check out the next one, which is a hand-painted cake. It is a special type of bridal cake that can be designed by adding personal details to it. To make it beautiful, you can add some quotes too which have some important meaning for you or your special one.

If you have no clue about which quote will be very meaningful to your bridal cake, then you can take an idea from the professional chefs and include some of their recommended designs too.

hand painted wedding cake
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Moreover, you can also add flowers, plants, and trees to make it greener and easy to adapt to the surroundings.

Macaron Tower Cake

If you want to make your bridal cake a special one with a combination of flavours and colours, then Macaron Tower Cake is the best option for you. It is filled with different kinds of flavours and has many colour combinations to adapt easily to the crowd.

epic bridal shower cake ideas
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As the name depicts, it is filled with different flavours from the top of the cake to the centre and then added different colours from the centre to the bottom. If you want to try different design patterns, you can do that too.

Doughnuts and Cake

Many people like doughnuts and want to make beautiful doughnuts and cake combinations but don’t have any clue about that. So, you can try doughnuts and cake, which is counted as one of the best bridal shower cake ideas in recent years.

To make this amazing cake, you have to make a base or arrange the bottom with doughnuts and put lemon or any kind of cake you like the taste on top. This way, it looks more modern and more stylish with different taste combinations.

doughnut wedding cake
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One of the best parts about doughnuts and cake is they can go well with cupcakes or even with candies. So, it’s the best option to try even for your kids’ breakfast as well.

Truffles Cake

Truffles, particularly chocolate hazelnut truffles, are kind of special for the wedding celebration because it makes your wedding night more beautiful than ever before. So, make your “special day” the most special day of your life, then try Truffles Cake. It is the best cake for chocolate lovers because it is filled with special types of chocolate alternatives such as ganache, mocha buttercream, and chocolate hazelnut truffles. To make it more attractive and colourful, you can even add powdered sugar and greenery designs.

chocolate truffles wedding cake
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Wedding Gown Cake

When we are talking about the best bridal shower cake ideas to make our wedding night more memorable than ever before, then how can we forget about Wedding Gown Cake? This cake is the best option for you because the main concept of the cake’s design is the wedding dress. You can give it a design like that to match your wedding dress and also add other things, such as lace patterns.

The cake is mainly designed in three tiers, but you can also add more tiers. There is no problem with that but remember, don’t add too many tiers because this helps to not let it break apart.

ultimate bridal shower cake ideas for your loved ones
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However, the most noticeable part about wedding gown cake is it perfectly matches the design and colour of the bride’s gown.


A wedding night is one of the most memorable moments for each individual, and we can’t compromise it with some horrible and tasteless cakes. So, we have solved your problem and saved you time by providing the list of our best bridal shower cake ideas to make your day special as ever. 

It is not limited to only special occasions such as birthday celebrations. So, you can also try them for your kids’ breakfast cake feast.