Which Slot Bonus Round is the Most Rewarding?


Bonus rounds are fantastic features that slot developers include to enhance the gameplay of a slot. Not only do they offer exciting gaming mechanisms to keep the game entertaining, but they also offer tons of ways for players to win extra cash – play here.

Which slot bonus round is the most rewarding though, and is there a bonus round type that you should aim for? We are going to be rounding up the most rewarding bonus rounds, so read on to find out more! We are going to be taking a look at:

        Free Spin Rounds

        Multiplier Rounds

        Exclusive Bonus Rounds

Free Spins

Free spins are one the most classic examples of a bonus round. You will be playing a slot machine game when you spin a combination that reads ‘FREE SPINS’ on the screen. This pretty much does what it says on the tin – you will now be given a few free spins meaning that you can play the game for longer without depositing additional cash. One of the best things about free spins rounds is that the amount of spins you can earn is not finite. This means that you will usually have to match wild symbols within the round to earn additional spins, and this can go on for as long as your luck does!

Multiplier Bonuses

Another bonus round that is offered triggered by wild symbols is the multiplier bonus round. This will offer a gaming mechanism where you must match further symbols to earn stake multipliers. This means that you can multiply your total winnings by a certain amount, and this number can reach super high values! Usually multipliers will start at x2, meaning that if your current stake winnings are £5 then you could double this to be £10! However, if your luck continues then you could increase this multiplier to x4, x8 or in some cases as high as x10,000! Imagine the winnings on that – highly rewarding.

Exclusive Bonus Rounds

Exclusive bonus rounds will be offered within a slot game and cannot be found elsewhere. This will usually be a chance for the slot developer to show off their creativity and provide totally unique mechanisms to hit epic bonuses. There are tons of different varieties of exclusive bonus rounds including:

        Video rounds based on RNGs

        Gameshow-style bonus rounds such as a Wheel of Fortune

        Bonus rounds that offer completely different mechanics to anything you have seen before


Overall, we love all bonus rounds, but we would have to say that multiplier rounds are generally the most rewarding, but this depends on the maximum multiplier for the game. However, this can often be beaten by exclusive bonus rounds, depending on the cash prize offered. Always do your research on maximum multipliers and exclusive bonuses to figure out the best way to play a slot!