What to Do If There Is a Warrant for Your Arrest

warrant for your arrest

The NCIC has reported more than 17 million active records in their system including warrants and information about the legal ownership of property. Many people consider themselves fugitives on the run when confronting the post of a warrant.

This should not be the first thought when dealing with warrants. This should also not motivate the first actions you take when dealing with an active warrant. This guide will show you exactly what you need to do if there is a warrant for your arrest.

Warrant Details

Cooler heads will prevail when contacted with a warrant. You must first stay calm and find the source of the reasoning behind the warrant. Running and/or hiding from the responsibility will only cause further implications and issues with the county courts.

Usually, the person will hear of a warrant via the local courthouse that issued the warrant. A wise first approach would be to contact the courts to request the warrant details. This is especially important for any individual that is unsure of the reasoning.

There have been instances of warrants being sent to the wrong person or posted with incorrect information. Either way, it is important to get confirmation if the information is correct or not.

Active Warrants

There are a series of reasons why warrants may be issued such as:

  • Rape Suspect
  • Homicide Suspect
  • Theft Suspect
  • Smuggling Case
  • Grand Theft Auto Case
  • Abduction Case

If there are serious crimes committed, there may be officers currently in active pursuit of a suspect. Regardless of the reasonings, officers are legally allowed to arrest a suspect with an active warrant.

But, there are several Outstanding Warrants, these are warrants that have not yet been served to Law Enforcement Agencies. These officers may not be pursuing a suspect at that time. Currently, there are around 325,000 outstanding warrants are in Florida.

With rampant identity theft, it is vital that the accused research whether the warrant is being served to the correct person. Fully avoiding identity theft at all times is a difficult task, but confirming the information in a warrant is possible.

It is vital to take measures to understand the information of the warrant. The folks at US WARRANT SEARCH will happily provide accurate information regarding an issued warrant.

Legal Representation

A legal representative may be appointed to an individual. Depending on the case, the legal aid may have you contact the authorities to prevent any further legal actions. If this is the case, there may be a follow-up hearing which will include bail information.

In minor cases, a judge may enact a bench warrant. These are simply warrants to ensure a person returns to court after missing a previous hearing. These are simple cases that can be easily solved to prevent things like unnecessary jail time.

The severity of the warrant will determine the legal consequences. A felony crime attached to a warrant can be more serious, this can lead to serious jail-time depending on the severity of the crime.

Misdemeanors are less likely to cause serious jail-time but can be an option nonetheless. If confronted by law enforcement due to a warrant, it is important to be respectful and request the reading of your Miranda rights, and request a lawyer.

Warrant For Your Arrest

It is important to research a warrant for your arrest before proceeding with any legal actions. But, if confirmed, it is important to understand the importance of hiring the right criminal defense lawyer.

Always perform a warrant search when confronted with a possible warrant. Search our county databases if you believe you’ve been issued a warrant and want to seek confirmation.