What means senior companionship services


Seniors have lived through many emotions and gone through ups and downs in their life. However, getting into senior years is the time when you sometimes need senior companionship services according to Galaxy Home Care. Close people, families and senior people often search for care health providers, someone not only to physically help with daily activities, but also to be there mentally.

Due to physical issues caused by age or injuries, senior people may need someone to help with medical care, experts who can provide a safe environment. Sometimes, people simply need a person to talk with and share their free time. It is also crucial to know that this person is there to help the senior out. Let us go into the details about senior companionship services and what is covered within.

What are companionship services?

There are certain companies with expert nurses and other caregivers who provide companionship services. They either go to their home or let the senior come in for a session depending on the service they need. Here are some of the services that the companies provide:

Communication and help with daily activities

More than medical help, companionship services are more about forming a bond. They want to communicate and create a friendship with the seniors and let them share their good and happy times. As the companion, you would be emotional and mental support for the senior.

The seniors would talk about their glory days, and they would expect you to listen and show interest. Simultaneously, they would expect you to listen and comfort them as they talk about their bad times. During that time, they could do daily activities, go shopping and take a walk, etc.

Social media contact

For old people, social media is not easy. They grew up in the era of letters. However, they might have families in different places. As a companion, you would be expected to connect calls with families, help with FaceTime, or connect the Zoom call and let them stay connected to their family.

Some seniors prefer to stay alone. In that case, too, a companion can be very useful in maintaining contact with family members. Also, some seniors might want to maintain a social media presence. Although it is difficult, with some assistance they can enjoy some social media praise.

Going to events

When providing companionship service, they would go to social events. Things like ballet and opera or theater and cinema are usually enjoyed by people and are the top lists of activities. The companion would help with the ticket process, reminding the senior about the time and helping with physical support if the senior needs it.

Also, if the senior has joined a club, or you go to a certain class, a companion would accompany you there as well. You will never feel alone with a companion. Also, they can maintain your schedule and provide an update from time to time.

For example, today you have a senior’s ceramic painting class, or tomorrow you have the opera class. If you wish, you can visit restaurants and different locations or events up to the request. It is easy to forget, but with a companion, you can keep your ordinary flow as usual.

Assisting them with mails and other contact forms

Sometimes writing emails or remembering to send postcards is difficult. Also, the smartphone can help with the process, however, some seniors do not use or cannot use new devices and they need help to operate.

Therefore, getting a companion is helpful as they can assist you in finding the right phone number, writing a WhatsApp message, or sending an email. In some cases, they might need slight assistance, or may want to learn how to do it. In others, when the senior faces severe difficulty in writing or connecting with family online, the companion can do the whole thing.

Helping in meal preparation

Usually, seniors can take care of their daily activities. Due to certain problems, they might not be able to do it properly or may need slight assistance. Therefore, a companion is also trained in:

  • cookery skills,
  • dietary recipes,
  • proper shopping,
  • online deliveries,
  • simply get the meal ready.

Certain seniors might have chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension which need a special diet. The person helping the senior also knows special diets for special diseases and would make the meal corresponding to the problem.

Assisting with certain deficits

Apart from the diseases mentioned above, old people might suffer from several memory disorders, stroke, paralysis, or heart conditions. The company has a set of nurses who are fluent in medical conditions.

The caregiver would help with meals, accompany the senior to the doctor’s appointments, remind the senior to follow the doctor’s orders, and assist him or her with certain activities necessary for the senior.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are some memory issues. In such cases, the person would help out in reminding the senior of everything that the senior needs.

Medication reminders

The companion will help you to get a reminder for taking medication if the senior has any. If the senior has a pill box, the companion would fill it up or provide regular reminders. Taking the medications is something that seniors forget, especially when they have many pills to take, one or two might get left out.

Also, sometimes they forget when to take the medicine. Most seniors are on their chronic pills or at least are taking vitamin D or calcium tablets.

Going for a walk with a senior

If you wish, the homecare service provider can also accompany a person to all the places, including short walks near the home or park. Just sharing their experiences, talking about the day and activities. It could be an amazing experience for some people who are looking for a friend.

If the senior prefers silent walks, the companion would know and there would be no further talks. Also, having a companion is important because they can direct them back in case they forget their way.

Final thoughts

Those are the services provided by the companionship providers and homecare services. Their basic task is to make the seniors feel independent and make them feel like they are leading a normal life as they did before. Having a normal routine is critical for seniors and the providers understand that. If you are choosing a company for your loved ones, we would suggest you give in some time and research.

To make sure, everything goes well you may set up a meeting to discuss your loved ones and get a complete quote and get insight on the services. Sit back and let your elderly loved ones enjoy their life with a companion.